Posted by: canthold | March 5, 2008

Return of the Eight-Legged Monsters

The spiders are back. We’ve spent a cold, wet winter without too many around and now they’ve returned. And with the spiders, so returns the spider-coping behavior.

I got a little complacent about walking with my hand in front of my face as I walk to my car. We don’t have a garage, but since we’re on a hill, we have a parking platform. Both cars have only so much space, and the distance between the deck railing and my car door is just narrow enough to make spiders think they can catch something there by spinning a web between the two. One industrious spider once got into my car, (I don’t know how) and spun a web across my driver’s door window. I didn’t discover my passenger until I was pulling out and my daughter and I screamed enough to put horror film actresses to shame.

My daughters each had canopies made with netting above their beds. They loved it and my youngest daughter loved hers so much the hook got pulled out of the ceiling  and I haven’t yet replaced it. One morning, my oldest daughter woke up and there was a giant cellar spider crawling towards her head down the netting. Scary indeed! Since then, I’m sure she’s super diligent about inspecting for return visitors, the specific spider not being alive to do it himself.  Well, since the return of the spiders this spring-ish time of year, she’s been a little more worried about them than she had been.

Two nights ago, she told me she was afraid of another spider on her netting. I told her that the spiders weren’t really back yet and I hadn’t seen any in her room. At that moment, I saw a small cellar spider, right at eye level, on the wall next to her bed. I had to non-chalantly kill it with a tissue without letting her know what I had done. I was afraid she’d suddenly have a problem sleeping in her room.

Well, low and behold, last night she insisted that she saw a spider in her room. Neither her father nor I could find it, but she didn’t want to sleep in there. With all the illness going around, with the sickest child coming into our bed for the night, and four in the bed being a bit too much, we didn’t want to encourage her to come into our bed last night. Instead, when I went downstairs for something, (where our bedrooms are,) I found her sleeping in the hallway on a pillow. I tried to carry her into her room and she wouldn’t let me.

At some point in the middle of the night, she came into our room and climbed into bed with me. Her ear hurt, and we discovered after a trip to the doctor’s office today, both girls had ear infections. Poor little things.

I woke up feeling like I had a new cold and didn’t sleep well because the bed was too crowded and my husband moved into the (empty) girls’ room to sleep because my snoring was too disruptive. Let me just say that I’d like for us to get our health back and for things to return to normal.

And you can just bet that I’m going to check the girls’ room to make sure there are no spiders. One good night sleep isn’t too much to ask, is it?



  1. I found one in my office today and thought about you. Actually there were 2 and I am going to have your dad take care of them in his own way. I did manage not to scream. I guess there is something nice about the cold after all.

  2. And thanks for the video link you sent. I love seeing as many spider visuals as often I can. In fact, the spinning almost induced me into vertigo right then and there.

  3. What is up with the spiders this year!? I’ve just returned from a week “vacation” spent at the boyfriend’s parent’s house due to our internet not being at our apartment (but now it is, yay!) and every single day, there were several spiders all over the place–In our bedroom, in the kitchen, in the shower, in the sinks…Ack!

  4. That was the biggest shock when we moved from Massachusetts to Florida – house spiders the size of mice. Bleah. Little spiders don’t bother me, but the big ones send me shrieking.

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