Posted by: canthold | March 27, 2008

Pink Stinks!

Flu and sinus infections and vertigo, Oh my!

My youngest daughter now has Pink Eye!

Are we ever going to be healthy again? If it’s not one of us, it’s the other. If it’s not one of my kids, it’s me, the mother.

My little trooper had some Quite Icky Goo in her eye last night, and – technically – it could be anything, we’re calling it Pink Eye and treating it as such. Poor little thing. She’s been out of school all week with some sort of cough/fever and I think, except for hacking like a two-pack-a-day smoker, she’s fine. I mean, I probably would have sent her to school tomorrow. (Is that so wrong?) She hasn’t had a fever in 48-hours. She’s running around the house like it’s summer vacation and finals are over, school would probably be good for her to get out and play.

But NO.

Where this eye infection came from is beyond me, but I’ve been running around the house myself disinfecting everything in sight. I’ve also been washing my hands like I have some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder. Not to mention, nagging my poor kids to do the same.

On the plus side, my vertigo seems to have moved to greener pastures. I don’t feel the terror looming in my head. Believe me, I know when it’s about to strike – or even just thinking about it. I’m feeling pretty good. So long as I don’t move my head to look up. But that’s over-rated. My eyes can move alone.

My house is a mess. I need to fix that again. I have sewing to do for my daughter’s preschool. That ought to keep me busy. And we need to make some cookies today. They’re technically Easter cookies, but I’m spreading out the sugar and making it last. (Thanks T & T. Have a safe trip!)

I planted some basil seeds with my youngest today while my other was in school. That was cool. Our little lettuce sprouts are starting to shoot up. Unfortunately, we only have two seedlings for those. Not enough to feed me and the squirrels this summer. But fun to plant nevertheless. No sign of the corn.

And what else? (Is that not enough?) OH! I made falafel last night. Impressive, huh? That, and I baked a brick loaf of bread in my bread machine yesterday.

Yep. I’m living in a Fun House.



  1. Ahh that definitely sucks. I’ve never had Pink Eye before, but everyone in my house (besides me because I was an anti-social kid) did at one time and I kept having to remember to stay away from the towels or wash clothes anyone else used. Other than that, I just stayed in my bedroom afraid to come out until everyone was healthy again.

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