Posted by: canthold | March 30, 2008

Doggone That Doggone Dog

I just want to be normal. That’s aiming low, but I feel kind of greedy wanting to feel good. The vertigo that is the bane of my existence is still alive and kicking. And beating me up pretty badly if you must know. Can you say Fight Club?

Yesterday I had plans to go to a drawing class taught by a mom-friend from my daughter’s school. I was excited, since I have nothing going on in my life these days. I woke up and had a bad case of vertigo right off the bat. I took some meds and went back to sleep. A couple hours later, after I’d already missed the class, I went to take my dog on his play-date with the neighbor’s dog.

During these regular play-dates, my dog is off leash. When he has something in his mouth he’s usually okay around strangers. And around this other dog, he’s not as territorial (aka menacing) to strangers. Of course, what I hadn’t calculated was that it was a Saturday and our normal play-dates are during the weekdays when all normal folks are at work.

I went down to get this other dog and she wasn’t home. She went away with her friend and they forgot to tell me. So I’m standing in front of their house, my dog is off-leash, and I’m feeling a sort of hung-over from my post-vertigo experience, and a woman walks by with her dog.

I’ve got it covered! I grab my dog’s collar and ask him to sit. He does! We’re cool. (Like Fonzi.)

Then my dog decides he doesn’t want to mind me anymore and takes off like he’s going to eat the other dog’s face off. He just has to show who’s boss. And it isn’t me, apparently.

My dog dragged me about three feet on the blacktop while both the other owner and I are yelling “No!” Mooch finally gets the picture and I apologized to the lady and they walk off. Meanwhile, my knees were shredded on the concrete and my jeans got ripped in a couple spots.

First of all, I wear my jeans out pretty regularly. If they made Toughskins for adults, I’d be buying them. Which is why secondly, I only owned two pair without holes in them until yesterday. Now I’m down to one.

I walked my dog home. I was close to tears, which came streaming down as soon as I hit the front door and my dog had his ears drooped and tail between his legs because he was guilty as all get out. Coincidentally, my daughters and husband pulled up as I was walking in and my kids doctored me up. My oldest brought me a wash cloth and applied my Band Aids.

I’m 40-years-old and I have two skinned knees. And my vertigo paid me another visit today. Oh goodie.



  1. I ‘m so sorry that happened. If it’s any consolation I have skinned knees on a regular basis because I have the bad habit of falling down while I’m running. Thanks to having kids, my band-aids are usually SpongeBob or Cinderella themed.

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