Posted by: canthold | April 13, 2008


I just flew in from Maui and boy are my arms tired! (I know, it’s an old joke. But I can’t help myself!)

Going to Hawaii has go to be the most relaxing vacation ever. It’s great for the kidlings because they can’t get enough of the swimming – pool or beach – and the family time is unbeatable. We’re not under any stress, we’re not rushed and we’re all together.

Apparently, I accidentally let my vertigo come along for the ride and I had to contend with a couple of nasty bouts while we were there. One confined me to a car, in a parking lot, while my family played on a beach. It wasn’t a total loss because after taking my meds and a good healthy nap, I felt much better. Fortunately, it was raining anyway, so I wasn’t dying in a hot car, but rather sheltered from a heavy downpour.

The other weird episode was when I was getting on our overnight flight to come home. I started spinning and felt so so so sick. I took a pill to combat the problem, but with the whole airline regulations prohibiting liquids of any kind, I had to swallow it with my own saliva. There was no way I was going to get a kind flight attendant to bring me a cup of water while they were managing a crowded-to-capacity-oversold-by-15-people into their seats. Bummer for me. And of course, the late-night flight also meant that there were NO shops open to buy water either.

The weird part of that episode came when I’m staring at the telephone embedded into the headrest of the seat in front of me and the plane kept making left hand turns. I kept thinking, all the while bumping over that must-have-been gravel runway, “When are we going to get to the straight part so we can just fly  already?” As it turns out, the plane was going straight and I was the one turning.

I slept pretty hard then came home and cuddled with my daughter’s cat for another set of winks. I feel like a couple-a-dollars right now, and hope another episode is not brewing a storm for me.

As for the Maui trip itself, I don’t want to make you jealous or anything, but it was fabulous. Fresh fish for dinner, exfoliation by beach sand as I tossed in the waves and filled up my suit with so much wet sand that not only did it look like I took a dump in my bottoms but they almost came off to boot. We also saw some of the best whale watching of the Humpbacks that I’ve seen in my life. We even saw some major breaching action by a baby from the shore at the beach on Friday. I got to hang out with my mom and briefly do a drive-by with my sister, who happened to be there, but with whom we couldn’t manage to get a visit in. And a couple of Mai Tais on the last day, which is probably the cause of my plane-spinning.

Just paradise.

So now, I won’t bore you with the fact that I have laundry and a strict no-salt diet to contend with and the major effort to stay as relaxed as I can in order to integrate that beautiful aloha-spirit into my daily grind.



  1. I’m so sorry about the vertigo. I get it once or twice a year. But my mom used to get it a lot. She got it when she came out to help after baby C was born. It was so bad that she couldn’t get on a plane to fly home. My dad had to fly out, rent a car and drive her home.

    But then she had surgery on her sinuses and hasn’t had vertigo since!

  2. And – the trip sound amazing!

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