Posted by: canthold | April 30, 2008

Good Day Sunshine

Today has been much, much better. I haven’t had any vertigo today. In fact, I felt brave enough to have coffee, which is one of my triggers, so, it’s a good  thing. The sun came out for me.

My kids have been taking over my computer lately to play with their stuffed animals online. Beanie Babies have a secret code to get the stuffed animal that you buy to be your avatar in the online games – in case you don’t have kids into this right now and aren’t already familiar with this thing. I’ve been reluctant to let them do this in the past, but after much deliberation, parental supervision and guidance, I signed them up.

Along with the secret code, the stuffed animals have a name and a date of birth. Get this… One of my kids’ animal had the same birthday as my dad and the other’s animal had the same birthday as the day he died. What are the odds that would happen? I’m trying to figure out if my dad is trying to say something to me, but maybe he just read my last post and was trying to distract me from my self pity.

The other weird coincidence was one that I read today, but did not experience personally.  Barb Ifyoudon’treadherblogyou’rereallymissingout found an old fortune from a fortune cookie which told her to expect a miracle and low and behold! Her missing cat of six-weeks (is that right?) came back home finally. Finding the fortune and having it come true – too weird! Great news, too. We’ve been worried sick! (I’m not the only reader to cry after reading her post today.)

And finally, I’m trying to get quotes for siding on my house and I got a phone call today from a company trying to drum up business offering to do quotes on siding – etc. I’m not so stupid as to not totally check them out, but still… It was exactly what I was looking for, right when I was looking for it. I think I’ll try thinking about a winning lottery ticket next.

Anyway, as you can tell, I’m in better spirits. There’s something about not spinning out of control that will do that for you. Now I’m off to find out what that strange noise is that I’m hearing. It could be the TV. The girls may have turned it on after I kicked them off the computer, but it sounds like the news or something – nothing they’d want to watch. And I need to feed my dog – who now only weighs 88-pounds. More good news – my fat dog is getting slimmer.



  1. Watch out for those online stuffed animal sites. A friend’s daughter managed to order $700 worth of Webkinz off Amazon without my friend’s realizing it until 31 boxes of Webkinz from 31 different mom’n’pop stores arrived on their doorstep. Eeek.

  2. I hear you! My daughter went to Amazon one day and filled the shopping cart full of toys then told me I had to pay for them now.

    I’m keeping a watchful eye. I’m torn between wanting my kids to be computer/web saavy and having their electronic hobbies suck the life and creativity out of them.

    Meanwhile, I’ll keep my credit cards locked up…

  3. My friend’s downfall was that she had her one-click account turned on, so it was very easy for her daughter to just buy what she wanted.

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