Posted by: canthold | May 1, 2008

On My Tuffet

So, I’m sitting at my computer, ready to check my email and catch up on whatever happened in the world since the last time I was here, and along came a spider who sat down beside me…

Actually, it was a giant cellar spider the size of – what I was going to say was a silver dollar, but with all the new (since Susan B. Anthony’s) dollar coins, which are small, the silver dollar reference is now obsolete. It was the size of a small child’s fist. A giant cellar spider dropped from the ceiling on a thread RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE! Yes, there was screaming involved and shivering in fright. And I killed it with a dress my daughter left in my office the last time she was here playing. (I’ll have to warn her that I need to wash it now.)

Oh My Gosh!

The spiders are back and I’m a little slow on the eradication, especially since they’re eating the ants in my kitchen and the mosquito-eaters that my kids are also afraid of (because they look like flying spiders) and I just hate killing them anymore. But gosh, they still scare me, all logic aside.

Little Mrs. Muffet here is going to go back to checking my email, but I’m keeping my eyes open and my curds and whey to myself.



  1. Yep, I can imagine the screaming that would be had here as well. In fact, the boyfriend warned me that the neighbor has heard the squeaking of a mouse (or mice) in his ceiling and recently, our bath tub leaked into our kitchen ceiling damaging and then forcing a ceiling tile to crumble so we are missing a ceiling tile which is a perfect spot for the mouse to come in. I’m petrified.

  2. Have you read about my mice adventures?

    Well, I saw another one a week or two ago and called my cat it to earn her space on my lap. She didn’t get it, but she’s on Mouse Alert Orange now.

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