Posted by: canthold | May 7, 2008

Frazzled But Not Frizzy

Just a few things here. My dog is barking at me because it’s time to eat. And he loves to eat.

I’ve had so much going on lately that I’m doing most of my writing in my head. In fact, I composed an entire short story on my way to the dentist today that I’m sure that I’ll never get written down. I think it’s pretty good, too.

I think I have carpenter ants. They’re swarming, apparently, because their nest is too big and they need to expand. They’re hanging out in a beam in the ceiling between my dining room and kitchen. They could be just regular ants, but it doesn’t matter what they are. I’ve got to get rid of them and I don’t do poison. I’m contemplating sending them to the Bug Man for identification so I know what to do for them, as using the wrong thing won’t work. Two things about this – first – spiders come in handy when there’s an ant infestation. I’ve spared the lives of a couple eight-leggers because they’ve helped me manage the situation. Secondly, I love my vacuum.

In addition to critters, I’ve had a contractor scare me into thinking my foundation was cracked (it’s not) and pointed out how my house was going to slide down my hill this winter if I didn’t hire him. (I’m not.) (It’s not.)

I got my haircut. 10-inches and donated it to Locks of Love. (Oops! I will be – need to send off that envelope.) I feel like a new woman and look about as happy (giddy) as I feel. It’s amazing what a makeover will do for your confidence. I feel like I can take on the world. My midlife crisis just might be over.

I cleaned my house last weekend and you wouldn’t know it today. I mean, I sent the kids to my folks and my husband was out of town. I cleaned like a madwoman and today, it looks as though I’ve been eating bon bons for a month letting it all go to hell.

My phone is ringing but I’m not going to get it in time. My kids are hungry and need to be fed, but it’s my dog that is the most vocal about his time to dine.

And lastly…I’m contemplating ending my blog. Have I said that before? Part of me thinks it’s worth it for me, just to write, but another part of me thinks that it’s too much trouble. I’ve considered moving it back to Blogger and splitting it up by topic. Do the feminists want to read about my adventures with spiders? Maybe it’s time to move on and write the book that I can’t get out of my head and into real live words.

Care to share any thoughts on the subject?



  1. I’d miss it

  2. I’m growing my hair for locks of love, too. I’ve got about an inch to go. Fortunately, pregnancy seems to be good for fast hair growth.

    I’d miss your blog if it was gone. I enjoy reading your posts, for what it’s worth.

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