Posted by: canthold | May 8, 2008

Clearing Ducks and Heads

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. I cleaned like a whirling dervish last weekend and haven’t done a thing since then. The clutter is starting to climb the walls like ivy. By the way, I cleared the ivy from my trees yesterday and got a little carried away. Now the front of my house looks a little barren. I think I heard the words “ivy” and “rats” in the same sentence one too many times.

My husband wants me to find the key to a bike lock that we used to use to lock the double stroller to our storage unit when we lived in San Francisco. Because of that, the key-chain is a duck and it’s attached to an Elmo clip. Have you seen the pooping pigs? This duck used to poop, but I thought it was a flaw in the manufacturing and cleared all the poop out (I mean, because, how gross!) before I found out that was the supposed charm of the item.

I know that he wouldn’t even notice how bad the house looked if I found this key, but one of the last places that I have to look for the darned thing is in the toy box. Or should I say that I have to dive into a black hole of odd toys to find this thing and may never return from the fool’s errand. It might be worth it, though, because even though I had coffee and a cup of tea today, I do not have any extra oomph in me.

I’ve been living large on all the forbidden foods, by the way, since my seven or eight week stint of vertigo seems to have passed. Cheetos – or rather the Trader Joe’s version – coffee, wine, Goldfish crackers. You betcha. Of course, just as a Catholic will cross themselves when they talk of the dead, I’ll drink gallons of water to ward off Evil Vertigo. I might even have worked myself up to going for a run tomorrow (gasp!)

Another Big Deal tomorrow is that I’m going to have an MRI. I always think they’re looking for brain tumors, but they can probably see my inner ear. (Note to self: Must ask doctor what they’re doing looking in my head.) But I’m really looking forward to it. The last time I had one, I found it to me an absolutely meditative experience. There was something about the silence and the pings that cleared my head the way meditation does (that I can never seem to do by myself at home) and I left feeling absolutely calm, peaceful, and free of all mind-clutter. If only I could get that feeling in some other way – you know – without the looking in my brain part.

And by now, I’ve left my children unattended for a little too long. They’re a little too quiet. Lately, rather than the synergistic benefit of the two playing together, they’re more like 1 + 1 = 4. They’ve become a little more together than I can handle sometimes. I’m hoping this is a phase that will pass. Oh those cute little cuddly trouble-makers.



  1. I know what you mean about MRIs. I usually get so relaxed while having one that I fall asleep. It’s the only time during my day that I don’t have people pulling on me or yelling for me.

  2. As it turned out – my husband FORGOT to come home and the receptionist had to babysit for me while I had it done. THEN, I couldn’t relax the way I was expecting and I could barely keep still completely because I kept picturing monkeys shaking my table. I just wanted to laugh at the thought of it, which made being completely still very difficult.

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