Posted by: canthold | May 15, 2008

The Barb Meme

So The Thing Is Barb tagged everyone in her Love Thursday Joy Rush List. I didn’t even really know that today was Thursday except that I had already accomplished the things listed for Wednesday on my calendar, that means it must be over, right?

I know that it’s really important to find joy in the little things in life. It’s hard when you’re (I’m) busy feeling sorry for yourself (myself) because of the curve-balls that life throws at you (me.) I’m experiencing my third day of vertigo after being free of the monkey for what felt like an eternity of about a month.  Nonetheless, there is joy all around.

Forget the whining and sibling rivalry that is in full force these days, forget the tufts of dog hair in the corner of all my stairs and forget that it’s hot enough here to melt a quesadilla on my dining room table. Here are the things that give me pleasure in the midst of the chaos of my life.

1. The smiles and laughter of my kids. Definitely. I love to peel a smile out of a grumpy mood by tricking them into being happy after-all. And putting my thumb on the exact tickle spot that triggers laughter in great abundance. That’s too cool. (But I stop the tickling before it turns to torture. I’m not that mean of a mommy.)

2. Coffee. I love the way it gives me a boost and I love to clean when I’ve had a nice cup of pick-me-up. I usually use French Vanilla Non Dairy Creamer in it and it tastes like desert.

3. Whip Cream. Need I say more?

4. I love when I clink on my Favorites link to So, The Thing Is…Blog and there is a new entry. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a writer the way I’ve enjoyed Barb Cooper – ever. I can’t get enough. And yes, I already bought the book. After reading the column about Losing Elvis – no, really, buying a Suburban out of spite, and passing it along to all of my friends, I knew that she was a kindred spirit. I’d be her number one fan, except I’d probably have to fight a long list of people for that title. If you don’t read her stuff, you’re missing out on a rush of joy – or fun, or humor, wit or just plain something worthwhile.

5. Inspirational speeches. I went to a fundraiser last night for Emerge, an organization that trains women to run for office and I heard the Governor of Washington, Chris Gregoire, speak, I was so inspired. It was a call to action to run for office. It was reminiscent of the time when I was growing up when I thought I could do anything. Listening to all the speakers, Governor Gregoire, too, I felt that again. I can do anything. That’s a joy rush.

6. Long hot showers. (Except on long hot days.)

7. Ice Cream and or chocolate, but not chocolate ice cream.

8. A purring cat on my chest. Especially, if said cat isn’t about to bite me.

9. Crashing waves on a sandy beach.

10. Coming home to a clean house. (I’d like this more if it weren’t me doing the cleaning.)

11. There are more, definitely, but I’m going to end it on Birthday Parties. I love to attend them, but not to throw them. I need to wrap a present and head off to one right now. A special friend of my daughter’s is turning five. I can’t wait for the cake. I love cake. There is great joy in cake.

I hope you all think about the things that bring joy to your life, too. It’s too short not to cherish the good and conveniently forget the bad.



  1. Wow, I’m just… well, speechless. You’re not just trying to get a pair of hand-knit socks are you? (I can knit in cotton, did I mention that?) Because I think you just really made my whole day/week/month and I kind of embarrassed and beaming. BEAMING.

    I thank you. I thank you so incredibly much.

    (Did I mention I’m beaming?)

  2. I meant every word of it. You’re an amazing writer and mother. You make ME feel okay about what I do, inspired by what YOU do and keep me coming back for more.

    Thank YOU.

  3. You are one of my special joy’s. and your brother the other and of course your family and then on and on. I am blessed.

  4. Carol, I think you are in the club…tee hee…motivational speakers…I’m a junkie. 🙂

  5. What a great list. I was just out checking out all of the winners~ What a lovely post. It made me think of tons more things to be joyful about.

  6. Thank y’all for spreading your joy with me!

  7. I’m loving your list! You can pop over to my place anytime for a cup of coffee with French vanilla creamer…

  8. Oh yes…Coffee and a clean house…and if you can get both together, it might just be a Joy Explosion!!

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