Posted by: canthold | May 18, 2008

Baby, It’s Hot Outside

I was so cold this winter that I chilled through my bones and it took a week in Hawaii to thaw out. The whole time, I had the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” in my head and sang it all the time. Now I’ve changed the words because it’s so hot the water in my toilet is boiling. Fortunately, I spent the weekend camping with my family, my folks included, and actually wore a sweater for most of it. I think I got sunburned on my face, but the chocolate leftover from S’mores is making me forget about my future wrinkles.

The first thing I’ve done since coming home is check my computer. We were bidding on a few things on the online auction to benefit the parent organization at my daughter’s school. We won a trip (for much less than I was even hoping to spend! Yay!) and a week of summer camp for significantly less than it normally goes for (Double Yay!)

But then…

I checked the Joy Rush Meme List.

I’m only halfway through the lists that people have responded to, but boy oh boy, it’s made me feel really good. Clean sheets and Lyle Lovett – two more things that bring me joy.

But the funny thing is, I didn’t put reading on my list. I realized that while I get joy from it, it’s like a slow IV drip into my soul. I don’t get a rush from reading an article, but I have a never-ending good feeling from this one thing. Finding something well-written is like eating whip-cream off a spoon. (You do that, too, right?)

On Saturday while waiting for my oldest daughter’s ballet class to end, my youngest daughter was out walking with me through town. We stopped into a bookstore that I don’t normally go into. Partly this is because they removed a lot of their shelves and converted to a mostly coffee shop. They’ll order anything for you, but I like instant gratification. The other part of the reason I don’t frequent this store is that I’m loyal to the local bookseller in my own town next door. That is, when I’m not buying books on Amazon or Borders. I won’t apologize for being cheap either.

So anyway, my daughter is complaining the whole time about not wanting to be in there. I can’t really blame her because she isn’t reading yet, nevertheless, I kneeled down to her level and said, “I love to read. I love books. I love looking at books that I’d like to read and whenever I’m near books, I’m in a Happy Place. Please don’t ruin my Happy Place.” She stopped whining and let me browse in peace for a few minutes before we left. Sweet.

Keep the joy coming! I like it. 🙂



  1. I LOVE bookstores. My favorite way to while away an hour is to wander through a bookstore. I have found some of my favorite books ever by just wandering around and picking up books that looked interesting.

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