Posted by: canthold | May 19, 2008

Virgo with Vertigo

I woke up spinning again and instead of going for the run that I’ve been fantasizing about since last night when I wrote it on my to-do list, I’m reading Joy Rush Lists. I’ve discovered some blogs in the process that I’d like to frequent regularly.

I was also reading Sunday’s paper with today’s coffee and I had to share my horoscope. I have no idea what it means or how it’s relevant to my life – or even if I believe that it’s more than just some clever person making money with their own writing when I haven’t figured out how to do that with mine. But here goes:

“Talk about Spring Fever! You have a raging case. Most of the craziness is in personal communications. Some colleagues are a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Try to be kind and patient and, while you’re at it, check your own basket – particularly on Monday night.”

This is a Minerva Horoscope, so that I’m properly crediting the proper person. I don’t know if I’m allowed to quote here, but I’m sure if I’m not, I’ll hear about it.

I just liked the sandwiches part. It makes me hungry and it makes me think of Yogi Bear and his own Pic-a-nic-a Basket thing – especially after camping this weekend.

I need to shower or I’ll miss my opportunity. I won’t tell you when I had my last one!



  1. Due to the water district working on some piping or something, my water pressure was at about half! My shower sucked! That’s about the oposite of a Joy Rush. More like an Anger Flush. I could do a meme on that, but let’s not. Such negativity is not worth breeding!

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