Posted by: canthold | May 20, 2008

Did Someone Open A Vent?

What’s the deal with my blog layout? All the sidebar stuff has sunken to the bottom. I get all these people logged in as “users” and I don’t know who they are or what they’re doing with my blog and if they’re related to the glitches that I get here and there. It makes me want to stop hosting my own site. What a pain in the hind end. I don’t know how to fix this particular problem, either. (I always delete the users, but don’t know how to stop them from signing up.)

I haven’t been able to help myself and I ate some movie theater popcorn – which is terribly vertigo inducing (super salty!) I’ve been drinking water and yes, I had a small cup of diluted coffee, too, in hopes that I’ll feel energized to conquer Mount Washmore. Nope, not happening.

I did hang the planet mobile that my daughter’s got for Christmas – minus Venus – since we lost her wire.

A second spider has relocated to the desirable office location of my house. I haven’t felt like bringing Mr. Vacuum in here to get the first squatter, but I’m more incentivised now that there are two.

I need to make invitations for my oldest daughter’s 7th birthday coming up here. We’re going to have a tea-party theme and the invitations are going to be teapots with teabags on string – or something like that. I’m not very good at party planning. I’m not very good at party throwing, either, but I still don’t take the easy way out. One year, we barbecued at a park and I didn’t have ketchup or mustard. Another year, I forgot to order food at all, since all the pizza places didn’t open in time for the party. (And yes, I could buy the invitations, but it will actually be easier to make them than find what I’m looking for.)

And my hubby and I are sparring about whether his spending about four-hours getting new tires for my car on Saturday (day before) is sufficient acknowledgement for Mother’s Day, on which he actually took a long eight-hour bike ride. (No card, flowers, dinner – just new tires.) And I don’t even throw at him that when he was getting the tires, I was digging around the perimeter of our house to remove any earth-to-wood contact with a shovel – for about six-hours of heavy labor. I say he should have done more. He says he did a lot for me with what he did.

I’m debating whether to do nothing for Father’s Day, but leaning towards going all out for his day. Neither one will be very nice, since even going all out is with the ulterior motive of making him feel bad. Or showing him up. It’s just not the way it’s supposed to be. I told him, though, that if he found just one mother who thought what he did was okay that I’d drop the subject forever. Anyone care to take up his side? Because every mother that I’ve told drops their jaw and says, “What?!”

I have a bit of a sore throat and my new weight-loss plan includes ice cream. Wait, did I say weight-loss? I meant let my body go to pot until I see the inner ear specialist next week and I talk to him about working out again. (I’m afraid of letting my fluid level get out of balance. The vertigo is MUCH WORSE when I’m dehydrated.)

So there. I vented. I’m going back to the laundry and sweeping and as long as I’m feeling like Cinderella, I might as well clean the ashes out of the fireplace.



  1. I think the Mad Mad Housewife would refer to your husband’s “gift” as Suicide by Spouse – like those guys who take shots at police officers so the cops will shoot and kill them.

    Your story tops mine from two years ago, when my husband, who was so depressed about the breakdown in his relationship with his crazy mother, spent the whole day locked in our bedroom, bellowing any time the girls made too much noise. That was fun.

    I think you should buy yourself a gift and then thank your husband, saying it was exactly what you wanted.

  2. I like that idea! I also like the word bellowing. Very cool. I’m sorry about that one.

    A couple of years ago we celebrated Mother’s Day with his mother and I felt like I didn’t really count then either. When my baby cried at the restaurant, I ended up spending much of the meal downstairs out of earshot of the other guests.

  3. My first two mother’s days as a mother were spent with his mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. I nearly died of boredom. After that, I got wise and put my foot down on any more celebrations with his family. I told him it was perfectly ok for HIM to spend the day with his mother, but I wasn’t going to.

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