Posted by: canthold | May 22, 2008

White Dog and Red Rug

How’s that? The other glitches were bugging me, so let’s go outside and play.

My husband’s aunt has traveled all around the world teaching English. It’s really quite amazing to learn of her experiences and my husband and I have even visited her while she was in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She’s currently in Phuket, Thailand and my husband has been working me to just get on a plane and go.

So when this aunt lived in Dubai, she brought us back a beautiful rug. It’s a deep red with black and I’ll try to include a picture. Anyway, we’ve had this rug since we’ve been married and never use it. The first problem was that my cat would always sleep on it and get hair on it and when she was done with her fur-ball, she’d deposit it right in the middle.

When we got our white lab, he laid on it all the time and the white hair on the dark red rug bugged me, so I put it away. Besides, we always had carpets and it looked funny anyway. When I got it out the last time to use, in our new house, he puked on it a couple of times and  someone spilled something on it so I decided that it was just going to have to find another home – all rolled up in storage – for a while.

After cleaning my room this time, I decided that life is too short to keep the “good stuff” for special occasions and I put the rug out again. I even bought some special tape to tack it down on my hardwood floor to keep it from sliding around. It looks great right where it is and even gave me some cushion when I did some yoga yesterday under my mat.

Flashback to my dog walk yesterday and the good fortune that Mooch had in discovering – then stealing – my neighbor’s dog’s bone. He was in heaven chomping on that thing all day long. My memory was clearly failing me because, lo and behold, it mad him puke last night, as all real bones tend to do. How could I have forgotten?

Not only did I get a messed up sleep, but he managed to puke – guess where! Yep, right on the newly laid out red rug.


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