Posted by: canthold | May 26, 2008

Morning Fog With A Slight Chance of Brain

I never feel like I get enough sleep. The problem is, though, when I sleep-in on the weekends, I don’t feel refreshed. It’s like I sleep my way into some pit of molasses and I start feeling gooey and groggy and nothing clears my head.

Not even coffee!

This morning I slept in until – hold the phones! – almost nine and then had a cup of coffee and an energy drink and my Get Up And Go still hasn’t shown up.

Perhaps it had something to do with the strangeness of the dreams. One included, among other things, my mother having a baby. The thought of having a brother younger than my own children freaked me out when I woke up, but the dream was all about finding the right flowers to give to her to celebrate. I’m sure some dream expert would have a field day with that one, but there it is for the world to see.

I have a bunch of work around the house that I’d like to do this weekend. The weather is a little on the gloomy side, but I can’t complain about rain since water rationing is already making the news. We’re doing pretty well over here since our water bills are only $35 for two months. The SF Chronicle had a guy with a $1400 water bill. He has a lawn and a pool and a lot less money. No trade wanted here.

Later that day…

I took a minor nap after having another cup of coffee and I think I’m finallyready to do something. I need to clean my dog’s, er…”memos” from the side of the hill above the street. I call what he does when he does what he does, Doing His Business. I’m not very good about cleaning up that hill since no one can walk up there and it is totally out of sight out of mind. Other dogs seem to Do Their Business right in front of our house and on our pathways and I get sooooo mad. It’s not really fair that since I don’t clean up the hill very often that I should be able to complain about other irresponsible dog owners, but other than that particular spot, I always clean up after my dog. Every single time when we go for walks! And for goodness sakes, on my path? I think it’s the guy who lives below me and his dogs wander all over our property because we have no fence. Boy would I love to change that.

So, I’m going to go clean up all the “receipts” my dog has left behind and pick up after these other dogs, too. I’m tired of looking at their “taxes.”


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