Posted by: canthold | May 28, 2008

Pet Ownership Inconvenience

I went for a bike ride this past weekend. It must have been Sunday. It’s hard to imagine that today is already Wednesday, though. My ride was nice, though strenuous, and I was wiped out for the rest of the day, unable to do anything.

We have a lot of trails and open space here and I’m biased enough to believe that we live in the most beautiful spot in the world. I’m sure there are folks who disagree, but given all of my choices, I don’t think I’d live anywhere else. (Not even Hawaii – where my husband would choose.)

Anyway, after writing about picking up after my dog and stewing over picking up after someone else’s dog, I got to thinking about that bike ride.

How come horse owners don’t have to pick up after their horses?

The horse poop that gets left behind is far more abundant than dog poop. It stinks, too. It’s not even off the trail, but right in the middle to be stepped on. I think that I’m bothered by this. Not that I need something else to be bothered by, but it’s just not fair.

Wouldn’t it be a site to see what horse owners would have to go through to take care of that little Pet Ownership Inconvenience?

So there’s that.



  1. that might be something worth following up. I am sure that if the horse owners saw dog poop at the side of the road they would be bothered.

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