Posted by: canthold | May 29, 2008

Supersonic Air Travel

Perhaps there is no real coincidence worth mentioning. Perhaps it is simply explained by the calendar and this is spring.


Last night, when my surprise house-guest was using my computer – tucked away, of course, in an area that was not meant to be seen by visitors – I was speaking to him for a bit when a giant cellar spider repelled down right in front of me! How is it that it happened to me THREE TIMES!

I wasn’t sitting at my desk this time where the first two occurrences happened. This spider dropped in front of me, not the computer. I screamed, as comes naturally to me under such circumstances then asked our guest to kill it for me, please.

He refused.

I respect that he’s all about not wanting to kill things. I’m like that too, except when I have to, but he said no. He offered to relocate the spider, but I hightailed it out of there. Today, when our guest was gone, I introduced the vacuum to four spiders in my office to do some relocating of my own. Four spiders. In my office. Four.

I left for a few hours to get new tires for my husband’s car only to be told after that whole trip and wasted effort that they would only replace all four of his tires since he has All Wheel Drive and I only wanted one – or two. That was a bust, but when I returned home…

Another giant cellar spider was in my office! I suspect that this may have been the first one who might not have liked the location to which he was relocated and wanted to try again with the supersonic air travel that I provided his friends. I went ahead and gave him what he asked for. Or what I thought he asked for.

So…for the moment, I’m alone in my office. But for how long?


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