Posted by: canthold | June 4, 2008

Kamikaze Spider Number Four

I am not joking. I just had Kamikaze Spider Number Four dive bomb my head. I’m seriously considering moving my office to a new location. Unfortunately, this time the cat was sitting in my lap and almost got thrown across the room when I practically fell out of my chair trying to flee the eight-legged-acrobat.

Now, for some people, this spiders-dropping-in-front-of-my-face thing is probably no big deal. I imagine, however that it would freak out most people. My vacuum has taken to living next to my office chair and my daily “hunts” are quite fruitful.

My heart is racing, thankfully, as I hadn’t had any aerobic exercise today. My laziness has been compounded by my laziness, which is made worse by my vertigo. And yes, I had it again today. Again everyday for over a week, I might add.

If I weren’t afraid of another visitor dropping on my head, I’d tell you about our last minute trip to Disneyland where we went without a stroller and my kids discovered the joys of roller-coasters – especially my four-year-old.


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