Posted by: canthold | June 5, 2008

The “M” Word

I have managed to go a day without vertigo. I do have some giant headache, however. All this time I thought I’d been getting migraines, which, from what I know, are the most terrible headaches known to man – or – er – woman.

I sat next to a really neat woman the last time I flew with my family to Hawaii. She and I seemed to be leading very similar lives and I just knew that we’d be best friends if we’d lived in the same city. We clicked instantly and talked for hours without even realizing it. It was this particular woman, with whom I never even exchanged names with, who told me that the headaches that I was experiencing weren’t migraines but from hormone surges. It was this woman who mentioned the “M” word for the first time.


The timing of peri-menopause seems like it’s probably about right. I am, after-all, 40. I’ve heard it starts as early as the mid-30’s. Hormone surges could also explain my sudden onset of massive vertigo episodes, though, it’s just as likely to be unrelated.

It’s not that I don’t value the medical advice from a mom on an airplane whose name I don’t even know, but I’m going to have a little chat at the OB/GYN pretty soon here. The inner ear specialist that I just saw told me to investigate the hormone connection and that’s the best place I know to begin looking for clues. Can they tell what my hormones are doing? Do they do tests? Is it anecdotal?

I can hear by the sounds of bike shoes upstairs that my husband is home. They sound a lot like high-heals on the hardwood floors. Besides that, it’s time for the Kamikaze spiders to arrive. That time of night and all.

So…until the next time…


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