Posted by: canthold | June 6, 2008

Down Hill Fast

I wonder if there is any correlation between my blogging that I didn’t have vertigo and the occurrence of said vertigo that night. Well, it was back with a vengeance and I paid dearly. I woke up spinning at around 3:30am and the nausea hit me right off the bat.

I did discover that the coffee that I drank today to counter the extreme tiredness I was feeling didn’t send me back into Spin City, so I think I’m in the clear. And it made my headache go away, as I knew it would.

It seems that since I turned 40 my life has gone to hell. I’m trying to keep a positive attitude and all, since 40 is the new 30 – and quite frankly, 30 was awesome, but I’m not having a good year.

First of all, I now have bilateral Meniere’s, whereas before it was only in one ear. That’s the biggest bummer-oo. Secondly, I’m now up to my highest weight since I stopped breast feeding my second. I lost a good ten-pounds and was cooking with gasoline (not really, figure of speech) and then this vertigo thing made me stop exercising, stop walking my dog – who has lost ten-pounds, by the way – and started eating more. I’ve always said that being thin gets in the way of my enjoyment of food, but this is going too far.

I tried on some clothes yesterday and discovered if there is ever a certain motivation required to jump-start me into action, it’s a full-length mirror and a view of my middle. Of course yesterday after I got home I jumped on the exercise bike to see what that thing can do, when I got a call from my BFF and stopped so we could talk on the phone for an hour. Yes, I could have screened the call, but I get a great Joy Rush from our daily or every-other-day-ly call. So there’s that.

Well, I have so many things to blog about and the least interesting of which ends up being what I’m actuallywriting about. Remind me to tell you about how my four-year-old pretends she’s Nancy Drew, including a soundtrack and sleuth bag. Or how she loves her dad as much as the sun and me as much as our planet – or Pluto, the smallest. Or how she decorated a t-shirt for a field trip her school is going on – but not her – and she’s bothered by the ethics of making a shirt when she shouldn’t have.


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