Posted by: canthold | June 10, 2008

Broom and Gloom

Since I’ve managed to gain a good ten-pounds from lack of any activity due to daily vertigo (this streak is now at three weeks,) I decided to get my butt moving this weekend. I went out on my hill to clear the Scotch Broom that – as it turns out – is a fire danger. Seeing how fire spreads uphill, I thought I’d take care of that so it didn’t spread up to my house. We’re having a very dry season and you know what that means to fire danger levels.

Our hillside backyard is pretty steep and I did quite a few slides down on accident because I couldn’t get my footing. Once was even on my face – er – stomach. It hurts a bit, but you have to laugh at a 40-year-old woman sliding face down in the dirt for 15-feet.

After clearing a good amount of broom, but not nearly making a dent in the total of my property, I left it at the bottom of my hill at the “street” below and climbed back to my house via a system of ropes that help me scale my “mountain.” I couldn’t even carry my tools up because I was exhausted. My entire body was quivery and filthy and I could barely move a muscle.

Then yesterday I saw a BIG pile of dog poop on the path that I had just cleared and got mad at my neighbor below for letting his dogs roam free. I couldn’t believe that I had just cleared the path when the poop reappeared. Furious, I tell you. I was thinking about all the things I could do to keep the dogs out of our yard, including a spite fence.

A little while later, I looked down my deck’s railing to discover that my someone working for my neighbor was taking all my giant piles of broom and putting it in his green yard waste containers. I walked down in flip flops with the possibility that I’d never get back up in those (if you can call them that) shoes. I told him thank you and that he could just leave it for me. I felt badly making more work for him – that it was my problem and all. He just shrugged his shoulders at me and kept working. I yelled another “thank you” to him and made my way precariously up my hill.

Darn it! I try to dislike my neighbor and he’s making it very difficult. Why does he have to be so nice to me? I’m just kidding. I need to bake him some cookies or deliver a bottle of wine or something to thank him for all his kindness. He might just be doing it to save himself the trouble of looking at the crap I leave at the bottom of the hill, but no matter his motives, he’s made my life easier more times that he’s needed to.

Next time, though, I think I’ll bring my yard waste containers to the bottom of the hill with me and do it all at the same time. It’s not his problem and I don’t want to feel like I’m taking advantage of him. And both of us benefit by the clearance of all that fire-hazard brush.


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