Posted by: canthold | June 12, 2008

Needles and Herbs

I’m feeling about 30% better today, thank you for asking. I had acupuncture yesterday and I could feel the difference immediately. I’m sure that absolute relaxation for almost an hour had something to do with it, but I felt better. Different.

The woman that I worked with – or rather – who worked on me – do I call her a doctor? looked at my tongue before we started and questioned me about my symptoms and other things like my energy levels.

After an hour of needles stuck in my back, below my earlobes, on the top of my head and at my ankles, she checked my tongue again and determined that I was doing better. She told me that I was really weak. I’d have to say that’s true. I’ve not been myself lately and I’m sure that manifests itself in so many ways in my body.

She also gave me herbs to take. Or rather, to drink. They taste like I’m mixing garden fertilizer with water. I held my nose and kept a couple of Tootsie Rolls handy to cover the taste. Holding my nose really made a HUGE difference if you can believe it.

I woke up this morning and walked my dog feeling as though I may have turned a major corner in my recovery. At least until the hairpin turn on my street where the curve of the road and angles of the hill made me dizzy again. It passed and Mooch and I walked through a spider web, which wasn’t too fun, but I didn’t freak out as I normally would, considering the spider was right at my shoulder. Yikes!

So, I’m not at 100%, but I’m not at 2% either. I’m getting a haircut today, which in itself will work wonders for me, but there is the entire day in between that will be pretty fun, too. My youngest has a little “graduation” and we’re going to a party for my oldest’s last day of school, too. Whew! The year is over. I can’t believe it.

The lazy days of summer are upon us (at least until camps start) and hopefully the dizzy days of summer are fading from my horizon. Here’s hoping!



  1. I love acupuncture. I don’t think I would have survived my third pregnancy without it. But my father-in-law asked me what it said about my life that lying on a table with needles stuck in my face was the best hour of my day. I hope the needles and herbs really do make a difference for you.

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