Posted by: canthold | June 13, 2008

A Shot of Reality

I went for my second round of acupuncture today. I took both kids and they sat in the waiting room. Towards the end of my session, I could hear them making noise with little screams. Together they can be like a collision between two otherwise calm breezes that form a miniature tornado.

I can’t believe how relaxed I got. I was so zonked that we walked to the car and I had to just sit for a while. That was nice, too.

I think this is working for me. I don’t know how or what exactly is different, but something in me is changing. Of course, I had to wreck the whole thing by eating a tuna sandwich. The salt was too much for me and I had two – not just one – bout of very bad vertigo. I ended up flat on the couch sleeping through Underdog.

Salt is the big bad bummer for me. I just ordered two cookbooks online for extra-low sodium cooking. Salt is everywhere and I just don’t know what or how to eat and keep it out of my system. As it is, I rarely use it. I barely add it to my meals and for that I’ve gotten some salt substitute and Mrs. Dash. But it’s everywhere, nonetheless. I would love to have a bowl of soup or beans, but the low-sodium versions have more salt than the Pacific Ocean. I want to eat a salad with this wonderful Asian dressing that I found in my Weight Watchers Cookbook. I use low-sodium soy sauce in it, but it’s still too much. So no salads.

Not only that, but while I was having the first of my vertigo episodes, I was trying to work on my resume for a job that I thought was pretty much sewn up. It was at my husband’s company working for someone in his office. That fell through before I decided on which resume to send over. I had the realization that I just might not be prepared to work anyway under my circumstances. That’s a hard reality to face.

I just don’t know what’s on the horizon. I keep thinking that this will work itself out the way things in life always do. I’m trying to be optimistic and upbeat. And just to prove it, I started a novel last night. It’s a little something that I’ve had whirling around in my head for a few months now. Maybe not going back to work right now is a good thing. You know, if life deals you lemons, cut them up and break out the tequila. Just hold the salt.


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