Posted by: canthold | June 18, 2008

Twitches and Twinkies

I think there is painting in my future. I need to move my office. It’s set up, I think, very cleverly in a sort of crawl space. I like it because it’s like adding another room to my house and it’s my own person bit of chaos. (Though, I’d love some calm organization, I’m not sure I’m capable of that.)

But Geez-o-Pete, I’m tired of the spiders. I battle so many spiders daily that I’m getting a little edgy coming in here. And I write less because I don’t want to be in here. That’s a problem. Plus, truth be told, I’d have a ton more active storage area if I relinquished this spot.

Heavy sigh. I painted it a beautiful yellow and well, I’d be sad to give it up. But I vacuumed a spider dangling right above my head just two-minutes ago.

I had an acupuncture appointment today but it wasn’t today. It’s next week. I scrambled the kids and turned into Nazi-Mommy getting them into the car and we were late – as usual – and then the door was locked. I checked the appointment card and read the 25th. Realized that it’s my best friend’s birthday today and therefore, not the 25th.

Seven years ago today was my due date for my oldest daughter. I woke up at 6:00 am with contractions and 24-hours later brought forth into this world the most adorable, and smartest kid imaginable. (Yes, everyone says that about their kid. I’m biased, so it must be the truth, though.)

So, here I am. Not calm. Twitchy from spiders. Convinced my new haircut makes me look like I’m wearing a football helmet and not adorable like the last one did. In need of a shower that will wait until I put the Scotch broom into garbage cans (ran out of space last week.) And regretting the Twinkie I just ate. My husband should not be allowed at the grocery store and I should not be allowed in the kitchen.

And there you are: smug. Don’t I just make you glad for the things you have and haven’t got going on in your own life? No need to thank me for putting things into perspective for you.

And in case you’re keeping track – vertigo last night,  none today, but there is the potential that it will be marked as done on the calendar yet.



  1. I had that kind of day yesterday…went to Dairy Queen not once but TWICE!!

  2. It’s good, isn’t it? Since I’ve been on my low-salt-can’t-eat-anything diet, I’ve eaten today, two bowls of cereal (one for bkfast, one for lunch) 2 Otter Pops (we’re almost out), an ice cream sandwich and the last Twinkie. I’m lucky sugar doesn’t give me vertigo.

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