Posted by: canthold | June 19, 2008

Caught Between The Moon and A Hard Place

My Mother-in-Law is coming for a visit, arriving this evening. My house looks as though I haven’t done any housework in a week and it’s too hot here to clean. I’ve been working on the downstairs because it’s cooler there, and waiting for the heat to subside to get the kitchen done and the dining room table chaos cleared off. Talk about waiting until the last minute…

Cleaning the downstairs usually means threatening my kids with throwing their toys away. It doesn’t work. And no wonder, either. They have so many that they wouldn’t even know if any were gone. I told them that I gave a bag of toys to charity this morning and bet them they wouldn’t even know which ones. They looked shocked but unphased.

Also, in just a little bit here, I’m going back to my hairdresser to have her “tweak” my new haircut. It feels like sending a fillet mignon back to the kitchen because it’s not cooked right. And I honestly don’t know how she’ll fix it either. It’s just wrong  this time. For as cute and on top of the world  I felt with my last haircut, this one is the opposite.

Remember that episode on Friends when Monica asked Phoebe to cut her hair like Demi Moore’s? And when she was done, Phoebe admitted she thought Monica meant Dudley Moore? That’s what my hair looks like. I look like Dudley Moore. And all my curls are on the top layer of my hair and she cut layers too deep for them to come out. They’re hiding like Punxsatawny Phil waiting his six extra weeks. And my hair is just too short that she can’t fix it by cutting more.

How to I tell her that I hate my haircut without totally insulting her? Perhaps I should take a Prozac first so I don’t explode on her like I did to my neighbor yesterday when he ran over my garbage cans in a heated furry. I was yelling so hard my face was turning red and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. My chest hurt, I was nauseous and my heart was beating faster than it was legally supposed to. I’ll have to relate that one more later. It turns out that he’s got that thing where he’s mean then nice and I don’t know which one I’m getting when.



  1. How did you resolve the haircut. It seems that no matter what you say they hear something different and then do what they feel is right.

  2. just rtell ehr you hate it, she prob treid something a titch different this time and it didn’t work.

    as for the garbage can thing, I was having breakthrough freak outs like that(I take cymbalta) and my dr put me on a beta blocker and now I am smooooooth sailing. You should try it, it’s just a little extra numbness.

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