Posted by: canthold | June 23, 2008

In Every Season Turn Turn Turn

Yesterday I had one of the worst episodes of vertigo ever. It was just a hair shy of making me puke and I would have if I had given myself half a chance. (I really dislike it and I’m sure you don’t want to hear such gory details.) I’m feeling a bit queasy right now and I feel just a little out of whack. I was going to cancel my acupuncture for Wednesday, since it’s not really fixing the vertigo, but I just might go anyway. After my episode and a three-hour nap, all the places she puts her needles in normally felt swollen and sore.

Let’s just go ahead and admit that we don’t know how the body works and leave it at that.

My haircut fix went beautifully, by the way. I walked in and sat down and, of course, it looked kind of cute the way it was just rumpled  at the time. She said she wasn’t sure what I didn’t like because she really liked it. In fact, she cut her hair because she was inspired by my last haircut. I was nice. She was nice. We were nice. She did some tweaks to the back and now it looks like it did before. Perky. My curls are still a little slow, but who can blame them with all the medication I’ve been on, so I went out and bought a mousse to help them adjust their attitude. So far, so good.

As for the neighbor. Now there’s a heart-attack (mine) waiting to happen. After that Furious Yelling Incident, he wrote me a letter of apology for his behavior and left it on my door. That night after I went to sleep and woke up at 4:00 am, I got up and wrote my own little note. I need to re-read it now that I’m not so angry anymore, but the gist of it is that I think he and I need to build a fence between our properties so that I don’t get mad that he thinks he owns our land. We’ll see how successful that will be, but I’m sure that this little tiff is what we’d call me firing after seeing the whites of his eyes, if you know what I mean.

Have any of you heard of a little thing called Perimenopause? I went to an OBGYN to investigate the link between my Meniere’s Disease and hormones and she basically told me she’s never heard of a link – (so it must not exist) that I’m too young to be experiencing Menopause as it depends on the when I started my period (she didn’t ask when that was) and when my mother experienced it (didn’t ask that either) and kind of debunked Perimenopause as an excuse people have for all the things their bodies go through. With Menopause there is no period and when you’re still getting a period, you don’t have Menopause. That’s it. (You can just guess, I will not be returning to see her and I hope my HMO, who sends a survey after every visit, sends one for this one.) She gave me a prescription for the Pill to try leveling my hormones, as I’m willing to try anything.

Other than that, I’m going to look for the next full moon so that I can dance under it naked. I’ve just about exhausted all other  options for getting rid of this darned vertigo.



  1. god I hater doctors like that. I have an excellent one who carries a PDA wiht wireless internet and loks up stuff he doesn;t know about. he’seven asked me for the we ages where I saw info before so he can bookmark it and read it later. It’s called an open mind and a willingness to understand that the MD after your name does not mean you know it all.

    I hope the vertigo eases, and it probably is hormone related. Have you thought of trying an Ayurvedic dctor?

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