Posted by: canthold | June 25, 2008

Golden Strawberry Sand

There is a reason people knock on wood. It’s too keep from being jinxed by telling good news, right? I’d hate to be jinxed (again) but I haven’t had vertigo in three days. There has been a sort of alignment of the stars and I don’t know which of the things that I have going on might be responsible, but three spin-free days is a streak to me.

I started taking the Pill to even out my hormones. The only good thing that wacky doctor did for me was that prescription. I started taking my Chinese-tastes-like-fertilizer-herbs again, and I have been eating an extremely low sodium diet. Somewhere along the lines, I’ve struck gold, or at least some iron pyrite.

I feel good.

Feeling good makes me happy.

I’m happy.


Today’s drop-off for my youngest daughter’s Kindergarten Camp was a disaster (third day in a row of disasters.)  I think it will get better but she cried till her face was a giant strawberry and when I got home I cried until my eyes felt like I’d rubbed sand in them. It will get better. I think. I hope.



  1. Yay, good news on feeling good.

    Oh, isn’t the teary drop off the hardest thing ever? Although now I would love a little bit of drama. He loves daycare so much I have to catch his attention and tell him I am leaving and he’s all yeah whatever mommy

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