Posted by: canthold | June 27, 2008

Pearl Pays Rent

Last night my cat wouldn’t come in until really, really late. I’ve been trying to get her in at nightfall because there has been a rumor that more coyotes than usual have been spotted around the area. Since my cat was raised by hand, she’s basically fearless. She goes right up to dogs and puts her nose in their faces and tells them so, too.

I kept going to the front door and calling her – and I don’t know how many other cats come when their name is called, but this is my first – but she wouldn’t come. Before she lost her bell and collar, the tinkling would precede her own descension of the stairs and I knew my cat was home.

I started getting worried about her when it was already 11:00pm and still no sign of her. Finally, I heard her little meow that has taken over for the tinkling bell and she showed up moments later.

With a mouse in her mouth.

A dead one, thankfully.

She was so proud of herself and wanted to bring it inside, though, I’m not sure if she meant to just show it off or actually eat it. I picked her up and scooted the dead thing onto the doormat with an envelope or something. She kept walking up to the door after that, knowing it was on the other side.

We finally settled down for the night and she curled up on my chest and licked my neck, which kind of grossed me out after knowing what she had just had in her mouth. I kept calling her “Killer” and felt a combination of pride and mortification over her accomplishment. At least now, though, I know she’s earned her keep.



  1. we had a cat that would bring us half of each mouse he caught, so you’d ope the door and almost step on a mouse pelvis. yick. But you had to tell him what a good boy he was. or he sulked.

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