Posted by: canthold | June 30, 2008

Happy Monday

I don’t think I’ll be able to get on with my day until I get this out of my system. I’m a bit shaken up and I am having trouble focusing on things I need to do, so here it is.

Actually, I’ll preface this by telling you that my oldest daughter told me yesterday that I yell too much. I told her that I would try much harder not to yell, so this is from the perspective of a kinder and calmer me. Okay?

I got into a car accident today. I was rushing from dropping my oldest daughter off at her camp and on my way to drop my youngest daughter off at her camp. Seeing how they both have to be there at 9:00am and they’re in different towns, I had a challenge on my hands. I was 10-minutes later leaving my house today than I had planned ahead, so I was running late. This isn’t really an important detail to the story, but that’s where my mind was.

All cars in my lane were driving through an intersection on a green light, but the guy in front of me, Methuselah, decided to let a car turn right in front of him, so he stopped suddenly. His take on it was that he was being courteous and we could all use more courteousness in the world, right? I disagreed, sir, that we actually need predictability  when we’re driving.

So he stops. I stop. The young lady behind me doesn’t stop until my car made  her stop. After she crunched me, I tapped Methuselah and we all proceeded to pull off to the shoulder. We all had somewhere to go. Everyone was nice and this new kinder, gentler me was a take-charge gal and got all the information exchanged in proper order. I called 911 and we had the Highway Patrol and the local police department arrive. We didn’t make a police statement since no one was hurt, but I made Methuselah stay on just in case the police needed him. We didn’t have any damage between my front to his butt collision, so I’m sure we won’t be hearing from him again anyway. Besides, he probably has more important things to do for God anyway than worry about a little old accident.

The young lady behind me was very nice and I did my best to make her feel okay about what happened. She felt badly, but I didn’t yell at her or anything. I’m proud of myself.

My daughter was in a car seat with a five-point safety harness and she said she was hurt, but then couldn’t remember where. I think she was just in shock like the rest of us. I will be keeping an eye on her, though. My kids – especially my oldest – have been giving me a hard time about moving to boosters from the car seat. After all, my oldest just turned seven and none of her friends even use boosters anymore, let alone car seats. In our state, the law states 6-years-old or 60-pounds. My daughters aren’t even 50-pounds yet. I’ve just been avoiding that move because I want them to be as safe as they possibly can. Even a minor accident can be made worse by circumstances out of our control. What if my youngest had experienced a seat belt malfunction? She would have slammed into the seat in front of her. She could have slid under the seat belt and done the same, too. That would have hurt!

The insurance company wants me to destroy and throw away the car seat and is reimbursing me for a new one. Considering that the collision was at such a low speed, (no airbags deployed), it seems excessive, but like I said, I will do anything to protect my children. I was happy to have been over-protective today, I don’t care if it mattered or not.

As we pulled away from the scene, I started to cry. I cried all the way to my youngest daughter’s camp. I cried because I had held it together during all of that and couldn’t hold it anymore. I cried because I was so grateful that my daughter wasn’t hurt, but I cried because she was in the car with me. I can handle anything except my children getting hurt. I cried because I was just in plain-old-shock.

In case you think I’m cold and callous for taking my youngest to camp anyway, I would like to say, in my defense that she was better off having fun on Pirate Day than watching mommy fall apart. I figured that she needed the continuity of going to camp more than she needed to make a big deal out of a car accident. We were okay, right?

That said, I’m sad for my car. It’s a 2004 and to me that’s still new. I love my car and my husband kept going on about how they “total” the cars so quickly nowadays. A little body damage costs a billion times more than it looks like it would cost. I’m grateful, too, that I was in a good solid vehicle and it kept those of us in it safe.

I’m much more grateful for what didn’t go wrong today than I am sad or even mad for what did. Happy Monday.



  1. Oh, here’s a hug. I don;t blame you at all for crying or for taking your daughter to camp, life needs to go on as normal, and no one was hurt seriously. And good for you for working on a calmer you. I am doing teh same thing.

  2. I’m so sorry you had this happen. I was rear-ended earlier this year in my car, which was the first new car I’d ever had, and i was so sad. I also managed to hold everything together until we were back on the road. Then I started shaking uncontrolably at the thought of what could have happened, since I had all three of mine in the car. I did manage to turn it into a lesson about why we always, always wear seatbelts and sit in our safety seats.

    I’m glad you’re all ok.

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