Posted by: canthold | July 1, 2008

Two For Tuesday

Today I had an appointment to get an estimate on my car after yesterday’s accident. Fast, huh? The impression I got when the woman called to set up the appointment was that I would take the car in and then we would schedule a time for me to bring it in for repairs.


I took my car in and they couldn’t really tell what needed to be done because they needed to take “all that plastic off first.” That’s fair. But they never said anything of the sort to warn me. (Besides that, the woman told me it was on Harper when it was actually Harbor. Mapquest knew, though. They’re good with stuff like that.)

This auto body shop was so efficient that they had me set up in a rental car in no time at all. The rental car that I was actually going to be renting came to get me so that I could clean out my car.


I would have cleaned out that dirty Mom Car had I known in the slightest that I’d be parting with my car today. My car was so dirty that even after pulling out the stuff, it was full of garbage and junk. I was quite embarrassed. The guy tried to make me feel better by saying that someone was moving from one house to another when they got in an accident and they needed their van repaired so they could get the boxes out. Nice try, but that’s not enough to make me feel better.

I left a couple of those milk boxes that may have had a tad of milk inside still. In this heat, the potential for my car to smell like rotten milk is pretty high. That and if they clean out the garbage, they’re libel to toss out the junk, too, (which is hard to tell apart) but includes some of my daughter’s end of year take home art. I’m sure they’ll leave it as-is, but I worry about the milk.

As if that’s not enough, Floyd Landis lost his appeal for his yellow jersey. I swear he must have been set up by someone. His whole case doesn’t make any sense because testosterone wouldn’t help him on a single day, and we all know that men need testosterone on a regular basis to do any good at all. No wonder he’s baffled by his charge of guilt, I don’t think he did anything on purpose. It was a grand conspiracy, I’m sure. There was probably some anti-American sentiment and resentment because President Bush destroyed our credibility with the rest of the world and Lance Armstrong won so many Tours that no one had a chance to get a win in edgewise that they set Floyd up to be the Fall Guy.

I’m sorry Floyd. I was pulling for you.



  1. I was pulling for him, too.

  2. He got robbed.

  3. I clean out my czar every morning and put all the papers I want to keep in a pile on the seat ot go in the osue and throw all the trash in the can outside my office, because I SO do not want ot become one of those people whose cars I look into in the grocery store parking lot and shudder. I’m not telling you this to sound smug or better than you, I am saying because the potential to be a trash-car sloth is there in me and needs a daily beating to keep it where it belongs!

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