Posted by: canthold | July 17, 2008

Feng Shwayed

And the next thing I know it, a week has gone by.

I wanted to have a relaxing summer and it’s turning into a busy one. The kids are having fun, but I feel like I’m driving all over tarnation and back every day. Also, I thought I’d have a bunch of free time while they were busy, but it’s not enough time to do more than eat and shower before I’m off again on another errand.

I went to the county assessor’s office today to find out more about the road easement that Mr. I’m-taking-over-your-property-and-what-are-you-going-to-do-about-it is using below me. It sounds like I need to deal with it myself. I’m going to write him a nice letter stating the terms. Then, unfortunately, I will probably need to get an attorney if he ignores me, which I fully anticipate that he will do. Neither my town nor my county claim to have any jurisdiction or interest in enforcing my easement. So there’s the latest installment of that. On the plus-side, I finally went into the beautiful county offices that Frank Lloyd Wright designed. They’re pretty impressive. They’re so curvy and full of light and probably a cool place to work.

My daughter is yelling at the top of her lungs the way Cinderella’s stepsisters do for me to get her some chocolate milk. I’m going to ignore her for a while. I’m expecting my children to install the bells any day now so that they can summon me quicker. This would be one good reason that my office is tucked into the bowels of my house – at least for now.

I have been seeing Mother Theresa lately. Today she had a “sale” tote bag in her hand. Probably items she planned on giving to the needy. I’m not sure whom she sees at my daughter’s camp or why she was re-incarnated as an Asian woman, but the white robes trimmed in blue are unmistakable. I feel a strange sense of peace when I see her. And I get a little chuckle. I’ll probably burn in hell for that, but there’s a long list of transgressions on my list ahead of that one.

Since my acupuncture has been making me feel so fantastic, I’ve become an evangelist for the treatment. That, and I’ve decided to look into Feng Shui. For us Fruits and Nuts in California, this idea is not new, but if you haven’t heard of it, it’s the idea of furniture arrangement in order to direct the energy better within your home or even work place. It’s that little feeling that you get when you think you haven’t put a chair in the right place and when you get it where it wants to go, the room seems to work better. Most people just think this is decorating sense or intuition, and one of the books I’ve just read says that people do have a good idea how to do this.

The actual study, though is a little more intricate. But, given that we’re all made of energy (atoms) and that energy is connected with the rest of the universe, I think that being more aware of how the energy flows is not so hocus pocus as it sounds at the get-go.

Feng Shui has been a joke between my husband and I for a long time as we argue about whether to put a (beautiful) mirror above the fireplace or not. He says it’s bad Feng Shui (it’s not) in order to discourage me. He doesn’t even believe in the stuff and actually thinks that a mirror above the fireplace shows a lack of imagination. In case you have one, don’t be offended, I want the mirror there. Especially since in this house it will reflect the light and trees back into the house and would work really well.

Believe it or don’t believe it, but with my vertigo, I have been sleeping so badly that I’m miserable much of the time. After reading a little on Feng Shui, I closed my door a bit so that it didn’t point to my side of the bed last night and closed the bathroom door (next to my side of the bed) and I had a great night’s sleep. I’ll try it again tonight and we’ll see how that goes. It doesn’t matter why it works if it works.

The best part of Feng Shui concepts is that discourages clutter. It can probably explain why I’m so overwhelmed in my cluttered house. It must mess up my energy flow. So I’m de-cluttering the whole house right now. Believe it or don’t, my house looks and feels better already. We’ll see where it goes from here, but when I’m in purge mode, watch out. Hold onto your prized possessions, I’m on a mission.

So, I should probably attend to my children. Time for me to fetch the chocolate milk and get scrubbing my floors. Picture me floating in the bubble and keep an eye out for the glass slipper I lost among the clutter. It’s around here somewhere, right?



  1. oh i tooally believe in stuff like that. And i am glad you slept better

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