Posted by: canthold | July 21, 2008

News Flash: It’s Monday

We don’t get one of our newspapers delivered on Mondays or Tuesdays. (It was the difference in subscription price between $150 and $15 – I kid you not.) So today when I took my fat dog and my getting-fatter self out for a long over-due walk today, I saw one paper and wondered what day it was and the shock of Monday hit me. Like it wasn’t due to arrive for another month or something.

It was just a strange feeling.

I had (still have) a cold from through the weekend. It seems like whenever I do a Deep Cleaning in my house that I catch a cold. It seems as though it should only be allergies rearing up, but somehow it’s a cold. I can’t explain it. But after not accomplishing what I meant to this weekend, I wasn’t quite ready for a Monday morning – brisk walk or not. Perhaps today is not the day to give up coffee. Not that I was going to, but I haven’t had any yet today, and that’s as unusual as wondering why we didn’t have two newspapers.

As I write this, it feels very excessive and extravagant to have two newspapers each morning. One is the Wall Street Journal and it’s one of the best out there, so it’s more of a practical business decision, right? We need to know exactly how the economy is doing at any given time and that’s the way, uh huh uh huh. I usually just glance at the headlines and make a bee-line for the Personal Journal so that I can find out the latest debate over whether pantyhose are outdated fashion items or not (they are in most cases) or what’s the difference between a martini and a Bradford (stirred versus shaken) or any other Very Important News.

On the other-hand, the other paper that we get is the SF Chronicle. I like to read the local news and the nearly local news. I love to read the gossip about Oakland’s Dellum’s and Edgerly. I love to read about Gavin Newsom  and the all the things that I’ve grown accustomed to diving into with my morning cereal and coffee. I always read the Datebook section with the comics and Dear Abby. I read the Home and Garden section and glance over the Food section (because I don’t make unusual food – just boring stuff over and over and over again.) The local paper is a guilty pleasure.

My husband wants me to just cancel it, since he only reads the sports page and gets much of his sports news online. Why can’t I just read the Chronicle online, too? Well, I was about to cancel this time around until I got a $15 deal. I can’t pass up the paper five-days-a-week for only $15. That’s nearly a $100 savings! I can’t help myself, I’m addicted to reading.

And speaking of news…we bought my oldest daughter a new bike over the weekend. She had pretty much outgrown her old one and since she’s seven now, it’s about time for the training wheels to come off. We saw it at a garage sale for $10. It’s purple and named Pearl (her birthstone, too, in addition to the name of our cat.) We couldn’t pass it up.

On Saturday, we took her to the school yard to ride it on the grass. She fell down once and was a bit discouraged, but she was riding it (albeit with either my husband or me trailing behind ready to catch her if she fell.) But yes, she learned to ride a two-wheeler this weekend. What a Big Deal. It’s quite a Proud Parental Moment and one we’ll all remember.

So, Happy Monday to you and here’s to living the Good Life. (I raise my coffee mug to you now.)



  1. I could never give up the morning paper. There’s just something about sitting and reading it while I eat breakfast and drink my half cup of coffee. Reading the news online just isn’t the same.

    Ever since I moved out of my parents’ house, I’ve had a subscription to the paper. I was the only college student I knew who got the paper delivered every day.

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