Posted by: canthold | July 23, 2008

Weird Wednesday

I had another round of acupuncture today. I didn’t have the usual Deep Relaxation that I normally have because both of my kids came with me and I was a little uptight. I don’t know if my Savior had any other clients at the time, but their giggling and talking and carrying on was distracting for me, but also made me self-conscious about how it would effect others. In general, they’re very good. Together they can me just more.

Yesterday I felt awful and then woke up in the middle of the night with some sort of throbbing pain in my gut. I’m starting to wonder at the myriad of symptoms I’ve been coping with. My hypochondriac-self is wondering if the general malaisethat I’m experiencing could be a sign of something more serious. These abdominal pains are new and the constant fatigue is new-ish and I wonder if they’re all related rather than just being a random collection of things.

I’m going to see a regular Western medical doctor tomorrow to check things out a bit further. Apparently, when I was listing off some of my symptoms to the appointment operator at the call center, the excessive thirst that I have all the time was the trigger that got me a quick appointment.

I watch my husband with so much envy. He rides his bicycle five-days-a-week. He is stronger at this point in his life than he has ever been. A week from Saturday, he’s riding in the Marin Century, which is a 100-mile road ride. He’s strong and healthy and never catches anything that goes around and except for the basil cell carcinoma he had sliced off his skin, he’s not been to the doctor for anything in years! (The dentist is another story…)

He watches me take my medicines, which I’m trying to just wean off of, and catch my colds and skip my exercising because I feel like crap all the time and he just doesn’t relate to how I could be feeling so awful. He told me that if he were me, he’d go on a major health kick and get one-hour of cardio everyday and eat super healthy and take vitamins and… well, if only I had it in me.

I took my dog for a walk today because I happened to be up at 6:00am because my sleep is so challenging. (You try sleeping on your back sitting up without turning your head exclusively for four-months and see how well you do.) After my dog walk, I had a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee and within a half-hour, I was asleep again. I slept until about 10:00am while my kids played quietly like little angels. Who falls asleep after drinking coffee? Who needs a nap everyday after two-years-old (or so)? Why do I only feel my best on Wednesdays after I play voodoo doll?

But something funny did happen today. I was walking my dog and my cat , who follows us  – and my cat was harassed by three birds. I’ve never seen anything like it before! They followed us and kept flying and landing on the street near her and surrounding her and chirping at her. She kept looking at me like she didn’t know what to do. I’d call her and she’d meow at me then walk a little farther. Then the birds would move to her new location. She seemed to chirp at them a few times, but it wasn’t until we were about a block up the road from where it began, the birds suddenly peeled off and flew away. Talk about bold territorialism!

Then I walked up the backside of my property and my neighbor let his dogs out as we were there. I just about jumped out of my skin to see the dog behind me and the neighbor standing at his door watching me without saying a word. It was Creepy with a capital “C.” I have yet to send him the letter I wrote asking him to get his things off our property. I decided to send it through the mail so I don’t have to confront him accidentally at his house and I’m making from both my husband and I instead of just from me.

I’m taking my kids to the tide pools now to take our minds off of everything. Or maybe I’ll talk them into going to the regular pool to cool off and play. Or maybe there’s another nap in my future.



  1. gee i hope you get this figured out. Take a list of symptoms and when they started so you dont forget to tell the dr anything, and take notes on things he or she mentions it could be so you can make sure everything gets checked out

  2. Do you think Pearl has memories of the chicken hawk?

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