Posted by: canthold | July 25, 2008

Take My Blood, Please.

I think things might be turning around for me. I had been feeling so badly for so long that I was really getting used to it. A new set of symptoms sent me to the doc yesterday and I had an interesting experience. First of all, she didn’t strike me in the least as someone who really cared how I was doing. She just dialed it in, if you know what I mean. Secondly, she ordered a bunch of tests, which should be helpful one way or another, but other than that, I don’t expect that yesterday’s visit will do anything for me.

Wednesday when I had acupuncture, my kids were being so boisterous that I called my oldest daughter in to my little curtained off area to give her a little talking to. I figured she’d be able to handle seeing me all voodoo-dolled-up so that’s why I called her in. Ultimately, that little talking to didn’t help and my Savior had to separate them, after which they were quiet as little mice.

On the way home, my youngest daughter cried because she didn’t get see me stuck with all the needles. I’m so unfair! But I got her back. Yesterday, the doc ordered so many tests that they took out four vials of blood. I let my youngest daughter watch. I asked her if she wanted to and she was fascinated. I showed her that it didn’t hurt me and she asked me if I had any blood left when they were done.

I wasn’t trying to traumatize my kids in anyway, they’re actually curious and I was just making an effort show them it was no big deal. My husband encourages them to be doctors some day, so they already have so much knowledge about the way the human body works. But, my oldest asked me later why she couldn’t see me get my blood drawn like her sister did. So much for fairness.

So anyway, as I was getting new symptoms and getting tired of feeling badly all the time, I just stopped taking all the things that I was taking. Theoretically, I was trying to prevent vertigo from happening. Since it didn’t work all that well, it dawned on me that perhaps the cure is worse than the disease and not taking anything wouldn’t hurt if taking stuff didn’t help.

Maybe it’s the irony of feeling better after a (useless) visit to the doctor’s office (like the noise that goes away so the mechanic can’t hear it.) Maybe it’s being off the meds. Maybe my vertigo is just tired of hanging around and ready to go dormant for a while. I don’t know. I do know that I felt pretty good today. I even threw all caution to the wind and slept horizontally last night for the best night sleep I’ve had in a long time.

All I know is that I have something that I haven’t had in a long time. Hope.



  1. I think there may be something to getting off meds. I have chronic migraines, and various neurologists have put me on daily preventive stuff at different times. The extra meds always – ALWAYS – make me feel worse for being on them. Plus, they never get rid of the migraines enough to warrant how lousy I feel. I suffer through for a few months, and then stop taking the meds. I almost immediately feel better.

    I quit going to my last neurologist because she was insisting on putting me on a preventive I’d taken a few years ago and not done well with.

    I hope you continue to feel better.

  2. you know, I had the same thing kinda. I was taking sleep aids and meds for restless leg syndrome and sleeping horribly so I went cold turkey and sleep much better now.
    I think sometimes docs give us meds because they don’t know what else to do

  3. Sorry you got called in for so many tests, but hope is a remarkable thing. You have some crazy kids, though, kids that are actually fascinated and want to see blood being drawn. I can’t even look at a syringe on TV without getting a queasy stomach!

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