Posted by: canthold | July 30, 2008

Oh My Deer!

I finally got my car back from the shop yesterday. You wouldn’t think that a little fender bender would cost so much to tape up. Not that I had to pay for any of it since I was the one rear-ended, but it cost over $11,000.  My car hasn’t been this clean since I bought it, either. All my fears of stinky sour milk sitting in there for four-weeks were unfounded. That baby shines – inside and out!

In the spirit of good fortune, I cleaned out my husband’s car, too. I even got the vacuum out for the nitty gritty. The contents of both my rental and his car are now in a giant pile right as you walk in the front door, (including a new golf bag that I picked up for free at a garage sale.) I’m sure it makes my husband especially pleased to know that all that stuff is so conveniently located. I’m going to get written up by my boss again, I just know it.

While cleaning out the car, I re-claimedmy Lyle Lovett CD and listened to it on the way home from dropping the kids off at the pool – for the second time today – to play with their dad so I could have a Rare Free Moment. I just wanted you know why I’m about to use the word “y’all.” (And an even further aside, my long-lost friend who introduced me to LL originally used to call this album “Live in Texas.” As in “reside,” not “performing in front of a live audience.” I always think of that and get a chuckle when I see the album title.) 

Thank y’all for being so sympathetic about what I’m going through with my health! I could have gotten straight to the point, but that’s just down right boring, now isn’t it? I got the results back from my tests and my iron is extremely  low. That explains so much. The tiredness and feeling lousy in general can be attributed to anemia. I’ve also seen something about how anemia can make you feel dehydrated which is really bad for my vertigo. This might also explain why I’m constantly thirsty, too. I’ve started taking iron supplements and having my way with meat. Now we just need to find out exactly why my iron is so darned low.

What’s so weird about feeling so tired all the time is that it’s not all sleepy-tired or I-just-worked-out-hard-tired. It’s probably what the nurse meant when she was asking my symptoms and referred to it as being weak. I told her I wasn’t weak, but it’s probably a tomato-heirloom sort of thing. We’re just using different words. I don’t feel up to doing all the things that I need to do. I guess that’s because I’m a little weak.

I look at this pile that has only been sitting right in front of my door for a day or so now and I don’t have what it takes to clear it. Nor do I have what it takes to sweep my front deck, which has its own pile of leaves with new ones accumulating by the minute. I don’t have what it takes to fold two baskets of clothes and put them away, either.

It seems that all I can do is a little maintenance. I’ve been keeping my kitchen pretty clean. I tried to let it go yesterday, but ants have appeared and that isn’t something I can let happen. We have a strict No Uninvited Pests Allowed rule at our house. I’ve also been keeping my bedroom clean and that goes a long way to giving me peace. My bathrooms are also clean. One of them needs its rug washed and one might need to have some kid stuff removed, but they’ve recently been scrubbed. That happened when I can claim that all that I accomplished for the entire day was to clean my bathrooms top-to-bottom.

I’m looking forward to feeling normal again. And energetic. And cleaning on coffee.

What I really meant to write about today, though, instead of all the mundane Living My Life Stuff was that when I took the kids on an ill-timed trip to the tidal pools today (high tide without enough time to wait it out) we were followed onto the beach by three deer. It was pretty cool. We have our own deer on the hill that we live on so we see them all the time, but this was different. This was a secluded beach where these critters were just happy-go-lucky romping towards us (then quickly tried to scale a cliff until the rocks slid out from under them and they practically fell back down, turned around and went the other way.) Oh my deer!



  1. I know all too well the feeling of being weak. Of course, my excuse is pregnancy.

    I’m glad you got some constructive answers from your bloodwork. I hope the iron supplements do the trick.

    And I love Lyle Lovett and have seen him in concert lots. If he ever knocked on the door and asked me to run away with him, I would in a heartbeat. My husband has accepted this about me.

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