Posted by: canthold | August 13, 2008

Aging Expenses

My youngest daughter just turned five today. There’s nothing like celebrating your kid’s birthday to make you see the passage of time at warp speed. They say the days are long and the years are short and there’s the proof, right there.

My mom and I took my daughters and my niece to a tea party at a very cool little place in San Francisco. I had about five cups of tea and I figured that I can get some cleaning done tonight. Yet, I’m yawning…

I wanted to give an update on my health, since I had been writing about it almost exclusively prior to the black-out stage. I’m feeling pretty good these days. Between dealing with my hormones and iron, I seem to have hit some sort of happy cruising speed. I have still gotten vertigo a few days in a row recently, but it hasn’t been as severe as it was. I’m also not falling asleep all the time, though I’ll miss my afternoon naps.

I just feel sort of normal. I did decide though, that my glimpse into being 40 wasn’t so good and I’m going to be 39 on my next birthday. Think of me as Punxsutawney Carol and I’ll stay in my 30’s for another six years because I saw a shadow. And then maybe I’ll turn 40, because if 40 was this bad, I loathe to think what 50 is going to be like. Of course, that throws the whole low maintenance hair thing out the window, since the greys will be more visible coming up here and I can’t be in my 30’s for six more years with a bunch of grey. I’ll have to start coloring regularly. But if that’s the price I have to pay, I’ll pay it.

While I’m at it, I’ll have to get rid of this middle-aged-middle. Young 30-somethings don’t have paunches that 40-somethings and 50-somethings have – no offense to all of you skinny older folks. I always thought I’d be one of them. I look in the mirror and wonder how this woman came to inhabit my body. If I evict her and devote all of my snack-time to working out, then perhaps you wouldn’t even be able to tell my age anyway. I’ll grow back my ponytail and be back in business.

Then again, I’d have to start paying more money for wrinkle reducers. I’m starting to show that sun damage wrinkles from growing up in southern California before sunscreen was invented. (For the record, I think I only used baby oil once or twice.) Maybe I could work up the courage for a cosmetic peel or laser treatment – they do everything with lasers these days. Hopefully it would only go into my skin, though and not penetrate through to my brain. I can’t lose any more brain cells. I already forget where I put my to-do lists.

It sounds to me like turning 39 might be expensive. I’ll have to think about it some more. I have a little over a month. Although, another possibility would be to just skip my birthday as if it didn’t happen. Like I said, I’ll have to think about it. I’m almost completely convinced, though.



  1. I think the rule is when you hit 40 you stay 40 until 50. 40 is not so bad onece you get used to it. Or better yet be ageless

  2. I just turned 38 and am having a hard time with it. I have a feeling 40 is going to be even worse. And I’m not a particularly vain person – I don’t even wear make-up on a daily basis. But it still bothers me that I’m getting older.

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