Posted by: canthold | August 25, 2008


Yesterday I wrote a (long) post about what’s been going on. I’ve been on vacation and we had a few “mishaps” that I kind of complained about. After thinking on it for a while, I decided that I didn’t want to publish it after-all. Complaining about a trip to paradise just sounds like I’m spoiled. I appreciate the joy that I experienced and I want to release the negativity from my soul, yada yada I’ll never fly on American Airlines again.

My family went to the Virgin Islands for a week. I’ve been wanting to go since my high school American History teacher, Mr. Sheehan, the best teacher I ever had, showed slides of the area and it became a dream to see it for myself. Well, I finally did.

We stayed on St. John but took a day trip over to the British Virgin Island of Tortola, as well as a day trip to USVI St. Thomas. I kept making jokes about wanting tortillas on Tortola, but no one humored me by laughing at such a dumb joke. Oh well.

The best day of the trip was when we rented a car and drove around St. John. We went to a few beaches and finished our outward direction of exploration at Skinny Legs for Painkillers and Key Lime Pie before turning around and heading back.

The turquoise water and white sand were the most beautiful that I had ever seen. I kept taking pictures and saying, “Now this is my new desktop picture.” But after a while, I realized that they were all worthy of this honor. Heaven, I tell you.

Bug bites and the humidity were a challenge for my tolerance and I had some strange rash on my arm that I thought was a bunch of bug bites but after a week, I think it must be a poison oak rash. It’s quite gross. It reminds me of when I got my small pox vaccination in the Army. And it kept making me think of leprosy and that scene in Papillon where Steve McQueen smoked that guy’s cigar, who then asked him how he knew he had “dry” leprosy (which is not contagious like the “wet” kind is) and he just said he didn’t. Yikes! I probably got the poison oak from my dog as I said goodbye at the sitters on our way to the airport. Thanks, Mooch.

I was thinking this post would be nice and long, but I’m super tired. It was the first day of school for both my kids. My youngest – the little baby that I just had yesterday – started kindergarten today. She did well. She didn’t cry at drop off, though she had to be peeled from my leg.

I started my job today as a kindergarten aide, too. They gave me a whistle and I’m drunk with power. It’s so much like all the volunteer work I’ve done in the classrooms so far. I’ll also be able to volunteer in both my kids’ classes and still have a little time to myself. I’m hoping to write more then. Maybe someday I’ll crack the freelance code and sell some of my stuff.

So, I’m off to bed. Now that I’m part of the working world, I’ve got to get a good night’s sleep. No more nap-times for me. More later…



  1. Your trip sounds lovely. I’m envious. I spent my week at S. Padre watching a toddler who hated the beach.

    My younger daughter started kinder yesterday, and it just doesn’t seem possible. She loves her class and her teachers, so all is right with her world.

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