Posted by: canthold | October 1, 2008


Today was just one of those days when you just have to say TGIF. I mean, if today weren’t Friday…

And you see where I’m going with this because today is only  Wednesday. My class of kids were so out of control that my teacher, to whom I’m the Aide, came over and had to re-instruct my kids and show me  how to teach them. Am I lame or what? They didn’t want to pay any attention to the correct way to follow the instructions and didn’t want to listen to me at all.

Then, at lunch, in front of a parent no less, my kids were so wild and out of control as I went around trying to encourage them to eat their food (as I have been told to do) that I ended up blowing my whistle. Very. Loud. The entire courtyard of six-and-a-half kindergarten classes shut up. Immediately. My class looked at me as if my hair were on fire and I started growing fangs.

But things got better from there.

At least until I had to take my neighbor’s son along with my daughter to soccer. He didn’t want to get into my car. He was fine after she put him in the seat and told him he had to go, but I couldn’t very well do that.

Then, like an idiot, I took my dog with me when I went to pick up my oldest daughter, who played with my neighbor’s daughter during soccer, while dropping off her son. Our two dogs played together in their yard while the two oldest put on a play for the two youngest. Meanwhile, my dog got into their dog’s food – which was stored outside in a sealed plastic container – because apparently my dog has secret opposable thumbs and can open those kinds of things.

And he ate all the food!

I was mortified. I could not even believe my dog – named Mooch – would steal that food. I couldn’t believe there was not a rock large enough for me to crawl under. I could not… There are no words.

And ever since we got home, my dog has been following me around barking at me because it’s past his dinner time.

I have yet to feed my kids. I have yet to do anything vaguely productive since I’ve been home. And I have yet to find the energy or the desire to do anything except eat peanut M&Ms.



  1. I’d say peanut M&Ms are exactly what are called for after a day like that.

  2. That’s part of why I like you so much. You GET me. 😉

  3. One of my former co-workers told us a story about her son that I still think about – he walked in from school, sighed and said, “Mom, some days I beat the day. Some days the day beats me. Today I got beaten.”

    Sounds like you’re having a string of those days. Hang in there.

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