Posted by: canthold | October 7, 2008

Time to Dream

Day Two of Mission: New Attitude.

Nice try. Keep going. I had to go to work again with vertigo. The getting up early after a good night’s sleep and taking the dog for a walk (yay!) worked, but by the time we got home by 7:45am, the spinning started. I ended up sleeping in my car for 20-minutes before starting work. Oh, that’s fun.

Going to bed early was nice, but I couldn’t fall asleep until almost 10:30pm last night. So, tonight, I’ve had chamomile tea and I’m winding down. I’ll try the meditation again, ear plug, eye mask – you know – the goodies. We’ll see. Plus, maybe all the vitamins and preventative meds and that wonderful exercise call Dog Walk will effect me positively tomorrow.

Our school has a big push to Walk or Ride to school tomorrow. My youngest wants to ride her bike. We might drive it down to the bottom of the hill so she can ride it. There’s no way she’s getting it up the hill and I don’t know if she knows how to use her breaks for the ride down, either. Sounds dangerous and laborious either way, so the bikes might just go into the car. A part-way attempt at saving the planet is better than nothing, I suppose. And maybe my oldest daughter will just talk her into walking anyway.

Too tired. Nothing but boring things to say. Dream When You’re Feeling Blue


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