Posted by: canthold | October 10, 2008

Getting Better All The Time

Last night, after my husband came home from work, I went shopping. I tried a new grocery store and took my time. I put my headphones on and played Jack Johnson on my iPod while I slowly cruised the aisles. I must have looked kind of funny to the people who worked there. And there seemed to be a greater proportion working than shopping, oddly enough.

I looked at how different the products were from my normal store and read the labels on the unfamiliar items. I’m a big label reader. You’d be amazed at how much sodium is in everything. Organic has less, as you might expect, so it’s nice to have so many organic choices. Since I’m on a very low sodium diet these days (months) I’ve been very particular about this.

I noticed that this new store doesn’t have unit prices on their shelves. You know, so you can compare whether this bottle of honey at $8 for 20-ounces is a better or worse deal than $13 for 10-ounces. I mean, some of it’s a no-brainer, but others get more complicated. But I want to know. And I want to know what’s so special about that $20 bottle of maple syrup when the others are half that price. Are some maple trees better at spilling their guts than others of their kind?

All in all, it was a relatively pleasant experience and I think that some stuff was priced better and some was worse. They offered a different brand of mini bagels and my daughter won’t eat these new ones. That’s a bummer.

So when I was driving home, I thought my glasses were dirty. Then I realized that it wasn’t a smudge I was looking through, but a small spider I was looking at.It was dangling in front of my face, while I was driving, right IN FRONT OF MY FACE! While I am normally a total Little Miss Muffet, I very calmly picked something up and swooshed  it away from me and threw (presumably) the thing and the spider onto the floor of the passenger side of my car. Can you believe I didn’t crash? Or scream? Or kill it?I’m quite shocked at my calm demeanor in such a time of crisis. I think I must have Jack to thank for that. He soothes my soul.

I wonder if it’s still there.

And my little Vertigo Go experiment seems to be going well. I had a close call yesterday, but I remembered that I had a small piece of chocolate. I forgot how evil it is to my body and the touch of vertigo that I had might not even count as a one on that 1-to-10 scale. I caught it before it escalated. Yay! I’m not counting days quite yet, but I’m feeling pretty good if I do say so myself.


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