Posted by: canthold | October 13, 2008

How I Spent My Weekend

Since we had a three-day-weekend going for us to celebrate Native People Genocide Day Columbus Day, I had my weekend all laid out before me. On Saturday, in between attending and working the festival fundraiser at my kids’ school, I was going to paint the Storage/Dumping Room and turn it into a Bedroom for my oldest daughter.

That didn’t happen.

So on Sunday, when I was planning on rearranging furniture and painting the primer in the other room, I only bought  the paint and the primer. That’s all I got done. I can’t seem to account for any more time from that day, though I did have vertigo, so there’s that adventure.

That night, at about 7:00pm, I started prepping the first room to be painted. I wanted my husband to help me – because he claims to love painting – and help move furniture since it’s darned heavy. But he didn’t help. Don’t you just know that I moved that damn furniture all by myself though. (You may call me The Industrious One.) Then I thought, “I’d better check our school calendar to make sure we have Monday off. I don’t remember writing it on the calendar.” Sure enough, it wasn’t on the calendar.

We didn’t have the day off from school today.

Can you just imagine the mindset I had to change from three-day-weekend thinking to regular  weekend thinking? So instead of getting any painting done Sunday night, I watched two episodes of House. How did  that piece of metal get implanted in that kids’ neck anyway? It wasn’t exactly explained. Then again, it was probably unexplainable.

Today, as I would have done some painting and catching up on all of my housework, I went to school after a particularly nasty bout of vertigo. They say that when you’re spinning that you should lie down until it subsides.


That’s not how the dog gets his walk or the kids get their breakfast or lunch made. Fortunately, my husband, the only one with an actual (not imagined) three-day-weekend, drove one of my kids to school for me so I could recuperate a bit more before working in the classroom. And I must add, that I was in a good mood today despite how I felt and my kids were little angels.

Now, to finish off the week-Start, I need to a) nap; b) paint; c) sneak off to yoga because my husband is home. Yay. (YAY!) And there you go. Have a happy happy.



  1. I love it…the native people genocide day part…can i use it for my very own next year?

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