Posted by: canthold | October 23, 2008

It’s A Festivus Miracle!

And the next thing I know it, it’s Thursday night and where has the time gone?

I finally finished painting my kids’ rooms!!! The pink that I was so afraid of is not scary after all. As it turns out, it’s just a nicer looking pink than the last one. Paired with the brown trim in the room, courtesy of the last owners, it’s quite nice. And the other room is lavender and I love it. I’ve only loved purple as a tween back when I also loved unicorns, but this color has really gotten under (and over) my skin and I’ve grown quite fond of it.

Painting was a blast. Let me tell you. If I never see a paintbrush for at least a week, I’ll be happy. As one dad at a birthday party so correctly pointed out, once you start painting you become very aware of what else needs painting. I have such grand plans that are quite the contrast of my low-level of desire to paint all that my eyes see.

I’m just happy to start getting the house back together. I had to move so much around to get the rooms done that it all ended up in the hallways and in my own room, much to the dismay of my husband. Especially when he stubbed his toes or bumped into things, swearing colorfully. It would have gone much much faster if he had helped me paint (he who loves to paint so much) but he didn’t lift one finger. He did  complain that I was behind in the laundry and swore at having to dig (clean) underwear out of the basket. And while I offered to teach him how to use the washing machine or the opportunity to fold the clean clothes himself, he did not choose to give up the complaining for the solution.

Then there’s the Miracle. I swear the mega-multivitamin and good sleep are the keys. I haven’t had vertigo since the 13th. What’s that? Ten Whole Days!!! Look at me throwing exclamation points around like a Happy Healthy Woman. And I am, too. I’m a new person without vertigo. I am walking on sunshine or cloud nine or any other schmaltzy metaphor you can come up with. I am not so naive to believe that it’s over for good, I’ve had breaks this long since it began just to have it come rip roaring back out of the blue. But I’m quite appreciative of how I feel now. It’s like finding that diamond tennis bracelet that you lost two-days after you got it while on a hayride over 40-acres.

Here’s to miracles. I hope you’re having them too.



  1. Yay for the miracles. Our new miracle is snoozing in her cradle.

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