Posted by: canthold | December 1, 2008

I’m Missing Something

My vertigo is back with a vengeance. I have been absolutely miserable for the last few days. Except Thanksgiving, which was great. Yum.

It all started when I went to school on Wednesday. I felt like I was not quite myself. About an hour before I was to leave, it hit me. I took some medicine for the spinning that was about to start, but it started anyway. The first pill did nothing, so I took another. Nothing.

I went from my classroom to another classroom to watch kids during the rainy-day schedule and by this time I was in a full blown twister. I had sweat POURING down my face, my neck, my back – everywhere. I was lucky enough to have my daughter in that class so I asked her to bring me a tissue box so I could mop up some of the moisture. It was like it was raining on me inside the classroom.

I sat and monitored the class the entire time without moving. I think they wondered a little since I’m usually more interactive with them, but I was reluctant to say I wasn’t feeling well. I didn’t want to explain my predicament nor have anyone worry that they were going to catch the flu from me or something like that. I was secretly hoping, however, that I wouldn’t puke in the classroom. That would have been mortifying.

Somehow I got through it all. I got through the weekend. And then today happened.

My vertigo hit me up side the head like the 38-Geary trying to speed through a yellow light. (That’s a bus. A big bus. An accordion-sided double-length bus at that.) I was walking the dog and all of a sudden it was a Grand Effort just to get home. Then my husband yelled at me for coming home too late so he couldn’t ride his bike to work and catch the ferry. It was all I could do just to function on a some-what abbreviated level with getting the kids ready and making lunches. So at 8:30am, when my youngest daughter was supposed to be at school, I was in the parking lot playing that sliding game with the other cars where you try to get the numbers in order again. But it didn’t work out for me (no parking whatsoever) so I drove home. I told her I’d take her in when I took her sister in, who had to be there at 9:30am.

Miraculously, I got them both to school at 9:30am – before the bell rang! As we approached my oldest daughter’s classroom, which was closer, I saw that all the kids were already inside and I couldn’t understand why they were in there early. No biggie, right? I took my youngest, led her to the door and waved. I stopped in the office on my way to kill some time before starting work and asked the school secretary if I needed to sign my youngest in for being late.

That’s when she asked me if my oldest was going to be in school today.

As it turns out, they were both  supposed to be at school at 8:30am this morning. Everyone is on the same schedule for conferences for the next two weeks.

I completely forgot!

After that, I was just trying to get by. And here I am, almost 4:30pm and I’m ready to go to bed for the night. Too bad my house doesn’t have one of those Self-Clean settings. Too bad that my head feels like the hatchet has come back to roost. Too bad I’m hungry and all I want to eat is cookie dough.

Too bad my youngest daughter is Star of the Week and I completely forgot that too!

I’m ready to wake up and find out this was only a dream sequence. Or rather nightmare sequence. And speaking of, I dreamt last night that I lost a couple of teeth. I’ve either been around kindergartners entirely too much or Freud would have a field day with me.

I feel as though I’ve already said too much…


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