Posted by: canthold | December 18, 2008

Mad Scramble

So…the mad scramble begins. Oh, I’m all done with my Christmas shopping, but I need to wrap. That’s not the big deal, either. I need to get my darned Christmas cards out. For about twenty-years, sending them out has been my thing. I always do it. And, as a result, I get a ton of cards, too, which I love. I have yet to send them out this year, though I did buy stamps today.

And tomorrow is the last day of school for two-weeks. It’s not like they suddenly decided to stop the kids from coming to school. I knew  that this was a scheduled  time off. But tonight, I’m suddenly realizing what I need to do before tomorrow ever happens.

And I start my scramble by leisurely writing for my blog. How about that? Especially since there might be cookies baked or hand-written letters to all my kids in the works. I mean well. I have high hopes and aspirations, it’s just that my follow-through sucks.

What I might actually do is just…nothing. Or I might put out a batch of cookies in the break room and say they’re from me instead of individually addressing said cookies to specific people to thank. It’s hard. There’s what you’d like  to do in a perfect world, what you think you should  do in an appropriate world, what you feel  like doing and what you actually  do competing with your guilt complex.

Forget that my cat just tried to jump onto my lap and missed. (Ouch!!!) She’s fine now, purring away. Forget that there’s nothing finer in life than a cat on your lap, except a cat on your lap and a book in your hand. And forget that I’m in the middle of Prep, and I’ve been sucked in so far that I don’t want to put it down. Holiday preparations (get it “prep?”) be damned. (Not so funny, I know.)

I must away. My mad scramble calls…


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