Posted by: canthold | December 19, 2008

Cleaning Up

My belly is going to go “pop!” I’ve eaten way too much. And that was hours ago, too. I am profoundly appreciative at the thoughtfulness of the parents in my classroom. Wow. Apparently, one of the perks of being a teacher (or aide) is that people thank you with cookies and – my new favorite thing in the whole wide world – peppermint bark. I couldn’t eat another bite.

I am so glad that school is out that I’ve spent the day vegetating. And my kids are watching TV with abandon. And I’m letting them. It’s a free-for-all as only the last day of school can be. My intention was not to do a darned thing, but one of the gifts from my class was a vase of roses. Since my kitchen bar was covered in a mile-high-pile of papers and what-nots, there was no place to put the flowers where I could enjoy them to their fullest extent. That meant that I had to clean my kitchen and clear the bar.

It was very liberating. Normally, I’ve been in the (very bad) habit of saving every doggone piece of paper that the kids bring home. Well, I’ve decided that that’s too much. It’s only taken me a few years to get tired enough to throw stuff away and (gasp!) dare to do so while they’re awake and nearby.

After clearing the bar, I dove into the pile of mail that has been growing at the front door. I am usually much better at this collection center. I throw out junk mail regularly, but the magazines and catalogues collect and since I never file anything, the papers that I intend to save sort of stack up. I rolled up my sleeves and tossed with abandon. There’s no need to save catalogues, my shopping is done. The magazines were removed to be read at another location. Then the mail was junked or opened to be paid, etc. And now I’m going to get that end done.

There’s nothing like starting a vacation with a clean slate.


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