Posted by: canthold | December 21, 2008

Happy Procratination!

Procrastination is a curious thing. While procrastinating getting my holiday cards sent out, I’ve managed to do both yoga AND run today. I haven’t run in so long and it felt terrific – especially since it’s raining. I love to run in the rain.  (And during yoga, I noticed that I had funny fat puckers in my arms that I had never noticed before, which really motivated me to run.)

I’m wondering now if I should even bother sending out my cards since it’s almost Christmas anyway. It’s kind of a let-down to get Christmas cards after Christmas and surely these aren’t going to make it across the country by Wednesday.

Maybe, since I’ve been feeling so weird about only sending the Christmas letter and thus been trying to figure out what to send with the letter, I could just throw all tradition out the window and order photo cards to go with it and instead of Christmas, say…send Happy New Years cards. With New Years cards, or rather “2009” cards, I have 12-months – technically – to get them sent. And by then, perhaps my 2009 Christmas cards would be back on schedule.

What to do, what to do…


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