Posted by: canthold | December 22, 2008

Boring Stuff – Feel Free to Skip – Unless you know about expiration dates

Today was our first day of no-school. I don’t really count the weekends because we never go to school then anyway. It went surprisingly well. I sent out 20 thank you notes to the kids in my class for their class gift – I’m still floored to have been remembered in addition to the teacher. You know, procrastinating my holiday cards – again.

Then, lucky me, my BFF gave me permission to actually send my Christmas letter out without anything else. And since it’s dated “December 2008” it won’t be late if I get it in the mail tomorrow. It will have over a week to travel thither and yon. I didn’t really need her permission  per se, but she always takes my lame-brained ideas and tweeks them into some cool balloon animals that make more sense.

How long can you keep one of those already-cooked chickens from the grocery store in your refrigerator before you have to toss it? I’ve eaten some of it, but not all of it and I think I bought it a week ago. Is it still good?



  1. You can never be too careful with chicken and milk. After a couple of days I make the chicken into soup and freeze it. MIlk gets tossed the day before it expires. Don’t know if there is scientific proof but its what I do.

  2. Glad I could help.

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