Posted by: canthold | December 27, 2008

New (Year’s) Resolutions

I love new years. I love New Years. Both. I love the new-ness of the new calendar year. I love the hopeful prospect that you can change and start anew. New. That New Year Smell.

I know that you can decide to make any time of the year a time for change, but there is something wonderfully symbolic about this  time of year. I always make resolutions. I try to keep them simple enough and attainable. One year I decided to have just two. The first was to floss my teeth every day and the second was to be nicer to people. (I had a streak of meanness for a while.) In fact, I would ask people which of those two resolutions I was actually keeping. They were always on the money with the flossing part.

So this year, Ol’ Miss Lazy Bones is going to try some streaks. Not steaks. I love those, too, but sTReaks. The ones where you do something every day for a long, long time. I was just reading the Wall Street Journal about running streaks and I am going to try one. I love running. I have always loved running. I’m going to try to run every day in 2009. We’ll see where that resolution takes us.

I’m going to try to write every day, too. But not here. I’m thinking since my web host subscription is ending that this site is going to go away. I might be able to transport the URL to Blogger and keep blogging away, but in the event that I can’t figure it out, I’ll be at this address version of the blogger URL, yada yada, I’ll send you a link. If I keep blogging. I want to give some serious attention to the two books that I’m writing. One is fiction and one is non-fiction. I’d like to see how they turn out and with the half-ass attention I’ve been giving them, it’s no wonder they’re not really turning out, if you know what I mean.

My third streak is to walk my dog every day. That would be good for both of us. Poor guy needs the attention as much as he needs the exercise. It turns out that for every day that I don’t walk him, the easier it is not to walk him the next. I wish I were the person my dog thinks I am. (I don’t know who said that first, but it makes me so sad!)

So, there you have it. Forget that I’m going to be wearing a bathing suit in six weeks and my belly just jiggles like a bowl full of jelly. Forget the whole weight loss angle. I’m going to get fit and healthy and not think about the number on the scale. I’m going to run for the sheer joy of endorphins pumping through my body. I’m going to run, Forrest, run. (And I just got some new running tights so this cold weather be damned!)

I’ll let you know when I’m signing off – if I am. Stay tuned…


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