Posted by: canthold | December 29, 2008

Forrest is Still Running

I’m on Day Three of my Running Streak. I’m sore. I only ran for a little bit today since I also walked my dog and that sore-thing I mentioned just a second ago. I ran three miles yesterday and it felt terrific. Of course, that’s why today is so painful, but I’m going to keep plugging. It’s like having a buddy you don’t want to let down. If I have to do it every day or I lose bragging rights for running every day, then I just have  to do it, right?

My kids want my attention and I think I need to give it to them. I had a play-date all lined up and the mom cancelled at the last minute. That’s okay. My husband left my daughter at her house on Saturday for SEVEN HOURS! I’m mortified. I went shopping and he never went to pick her up. I made him handle the whole play-date since my daughter didn’t want to do it and he sort of made her. Then he never picked her up. I finally found this out when I called home and had to go pick up my daughter with my tail between my legs. After that, I’m just going to let that mom call the shots. If she wants to cancel at the last minute. It’s FINE with me. I figure I owe her. And I, of course, blame my husband. Like I do for everything.

I’m trying to decide whether to take the Christmas stuff down now or wait a week. Our garbage collector comes on Tuesdays and I can either get the tree down now or wait until next weekend. Since I’ve had coffee and I don’t FEEL like I’ve had coffee, I’m thinking that it’s staying up. (See also “sore” reference at the top of the page.)

And there you go. I haven’t started my working-on-my-book-streak yet, but the dog is happier and, did I mention that I’m sore today? But man, I had to reign it in today. As much as I just knew that I needed to take it easy, I wanted to open it up on the straight-away and go. Tomorrow. I’ll open it up tomorrow.



  1. I’m envious of your running. I haven’t been able to find time to get out and do it.

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