Posted by: canthold | December 31, 2008

Can’t See Forrest For The Sneeze

I’m sick. I think that my husband very generously gave me his bug. Thanks, Dear.

It hit me fast and hard like a fad passing through a school. Yesterday I felt a little out-of-it and by last night, it had taken hold. I woke up at 3:00am and my throat felt so doggone sore that I was afraid that I had the Strep that blew through our school before break. A quick Internet search made me feel better, so I’m not going to try to see a doctor today. I’ll just hope that it leaves as quickly as it arrived and hope that I can get some sleep today.

And I didn’t run. My whole body hurts from my chapped nose and headache, down through my sore throat and – here it gets interesting – my sore biceps and stomach muscles, thanks to Wii boxing and tennis (and apparently my daughter has no compunction about knocking me out) – and all the way down my thighs to my feet. And my ears are throbbing. It’s probably a good day to rest for so many reasons.

I’m not giving up on my streak, though. If I feel better later, maybe I’ll run around the block or maybe I’ll just pause from eating my elephant (one bite at a time) and swallow today. I’m off to a good start and US foreign relations weren’t ruined in a day. I can’t expect to be an expert in such a short amount of time.

Let me tell you about last night, though. The whole time I kept thinking, “This is why I love my husband.” And no, it’s not the bug-share that I’m referring to here.

We went to the Sound of Music Sing Along  at the San Francisco Castro Theater. For those of you who know the theater, or for that matter, the Castro neighborhood, you get right off the bat that it was quite a fun experience, especially for my kids, at least the oldest who didn’t complain at all about anything.

For those of you who don’t know about either or only about one, it’s simply a one-of-a-kind experience. The Castro Theater is a landmark theater that plays an eclectic mix of movies, etc. and features an organ player at the beginning. My husband and I went on our first official date at this theater (Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, I believe,) and our oldest daughter saw Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory  there as her first movie in a theater ever.

The Castro neighborhood is home to the gay people of San Francisco. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way at all, I don’t know how to say it any differently. It’s the Gay Neighborhood. This, of course, means that it’s an upscale and nice neighborhood, for the most part. There is also a sort of sexual expressiveness not unlike the ubiquitous mouse ears at Disneyland sort of thing.

On every lamppost there was a flier (or three) of nearly naked men. A store catering to dogs proudly displayed a t-shirt that said, “Everyone deserves a good bone.” And never have I seen this neighborhood as a prudish, protective mom as I saw it last night. I just kept wondering what my kids were seeing and what they thought of what they saw. In my defense, they have been similarly exposed by mainstream media, no less, to exploitative pictures of women and a lot of this seemed to be the same thing, but of men, and you never know what you’re going to encounter. In the argument against me, of course, I brought them into this neighborhood that is a sexual playground for men, and it’s never been considered a “family area.”

I digress. But yes, I was mortified that my daughter pointed out a man dressed only in pink briefs on a lamppost and diverted their eyes with other things to look at when I could, and yes, I was glad they didn’t go into the cookie store with my husband, who informed me only this morning that they offered chocolate penis cookies.

So, we stood in line half-way down the block to buy tickets (starting at 6:30pm for a 7:00pm show). Cash only. I didn’t have any cash and my husband was there yet, so we let a bunch of people in front of us in line. When he got there (we arrived separately – him from work and me from home) we bought our tickets and stood in line to get into the theater. It wrapped around the block and around the corner of the next (like a “U.”) We got our seats then I went to go to the bathroom.

I stood in a very long line for that, too. As you walk in the theater, about ten steps ahead is the concession stand. To the right and left of that are staircases leading to the balcony. My line for the bathroom started at the concession stand and ended under the staircase. Some women tried to cut in line by jumping up up to the front where their friend was standing. I don’t know if they saw me roll my eyes, but they moved to the back again saying they were getting dirty looks. (My kindergartners would yell, if this happened to them, “Hey! They cut me!) 

After I was finished (and yes, washed my hands) I went to stand in the concession line. That line, on the other side of the concession stand, twisted from the right of the counter around the equivalent of the bathroom line to under the staircase, around and up the staircase one whole flight of stairs. That was fun. I think I took my seat around 7:30 – or nearly so.

In line I missed the fashion show of Sound of Music  characters and costume judging. I also missed some of the direction for what to do with the items in the goodie bag they handed out, which included, a question mark and picture of Julie Andrews (How do you solve a problem like Maria?), a square of fabric (make the kids’ play-clothes out of curtains!) a popper (exploding confetti shaped like a bottle) for when Maria and the Captain finally kiss and what else? Oh yes, a small white flower to wave when they sing Edelweiss.

We watched the movie and sang along. We hissed when the Baroness entered each scene and we waved our “curtains.” My kids loved it. And that  is why I love my husband. He adds such spontaneity and adventure into our lives. Without him, I’ve become so darned boring and nearly agoraphobic, but with him, I’m hanging out in the Castro on a Tuesday singing with the crowd.

We left at Intermission. It was getting late.


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