Posted by: canthold | January 19, 2009

New Beginnings

The kids are fighting. One is crying. I didn’t shower today. What a way to start a new blog address!

On the bright side, I finally got new coffee filters so I was able to throw the one away that I had been reusing for almost two-weeks. It makes me wonder why we don’t reuse them more often. Is disposable everything better? I don’t think so. Also, I’m getting caught up on my laundry, which means Clean Clothes For Everyone! A very exciting development, since the other family members in our household were starting to walk around confused in the mornings because they didn’t know how to dig through a laundry basket of clean clothes to find what they’re looking for. I am nothing if not needed.

My friend and I have discussions about how much our families participate in household chores. I realized that as much as I complain that I do everything, it is a product of my own doing. I have trained everyone over here not to do anything because I’m too much of a control freak to let them do it poorly. And since I’m too busy, I don’t do it at all, which is another form of “poorly.” Sounds like a cycle that I need to break.

So, all I have to say is:

Meet the new blog. Same as the old blog.


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